Coldfusion or ASP? Best to use.

andyfFebruary 5, 2002

I heard these 2 products are neck and neck. Coldfusion's

cross platform is tempting, but Microsofts "here-to-stay" ASP with one platform is tempting too.

Funny thing though, when I do a technical equipment

list of all the host servers, only 10 percent are Windows Nt

platform, the others are Unix or something else. That weighs the options in favor of Coldfusion.

Has anyone had bad compatibility experiences with these? Which is the best for a Windows 98 developer for personal use desktop database Web programming.?

Thanks Andy.

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I can't afford Coldfusion so I'm an ASP Programmer.

I'm hosting with an NT Server.

I thought that Coldfusion was more driven to database developement? Not too sure.

If you know any Visual Basic programming you will like ASP because you can use VB Script to program. That's another reason why I chose ASP.

Perl? Nah... don't want to learn another language.

Coldfusion... ditto.


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They basically do the same thing, but one is free and involves one less manufacturer. Both are painful to use on any large project without careful developers. Putting together a cheapo *nix box and using Apache with PHP/Perl/Java would be a good learning experience though.

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Thanks all. I'll think I'll give PHP a go at it. My base
career is in Delphi's pascal language and prior to that was all Basic....VB,Quickbasic and the rest of the suite.

My concern is that I don't want to get into learning
a large package then get boxed into a tech glitch at the server. Got enough job figuring out problems on my PC and my own code let alone trying to figure out what's happening a few hundred miles away. I heard some providers have a poor rating as far as providing help on their end.

Thanks again.

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I heard that to make PHP work with Windows xx server
you need an add on product called ChilliSoft or something like that.

Besides that, back in my programming job we all were waiting for the day that unix and all the "x"'s would get togeather and standardize. That day never happened, for that reason I stay clear of unix base stuff, not that I have anything against it, I had to do Dos to Unix command conversions often. So I'll stay with ASP even though I don't like MS's manopoly on the market.

Thanks folks.

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