recommendations for nonstick pans?

Annie DeighnaughMarch 12, 2013

I'm looking for new nonstick pans that are "green" or less toxic than teflon. Also we have an induction cooktop so it needs to be compatible....

I saw the Ozeri on amazon....any experience anyone?


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I gave my son a Zwilling Henckels Thermolon fry pan for Christmas and he loves it.

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If you're willing to invest in some time to season it, you can get a carbon steel pan which, once seasoned, is nearly as nonstick as teflon, and is completely nontoxic. Plus, you'd never have to worry about the coating coming off. With any reasonable care, they'll outlast you. I have some pans by DeBuyer and one by Paderno: I prefer the Paderno. Weight wise, about halfway between an average skillet and a cast iron one.

Paderno makes these skillets from 8" diameter all the way up to a 15.75" diameter--I'd imagine you'd need to be a bodybuilder to handle that one.

Here is a link that might be useful: paderno carbon steel skillets

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Annie, Ozeri-These are the pans that I wrote about yesterday. I saw them at the grocery store, they looked good and were priced well but not all were induction compatible. I just order the 12" wok from Amazon as the grocery store only had the smaller wok.

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I have the ozeri from amazon and in just 4 months it is a bit sticky and the edges have the coating chipped off. I also bought a scanpan for cooking eggs. I use it everyday and it is as good as new. Scanpan is a lot more expensive but it seemed to be worth it. I also have Debuyer crepe pan for some things but when you need non-stick, you need it to really not stick.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Interesting....I guess the ozeri aren't going to be that good....I'll check into the Thermolon, thanks.

I already have a couple of cast iron pans which do work very well for the most part, but I have to keep them away from DH who tends to want to wash everything in Dawn. Sounds like the carbon steel pans would be the same....though if lighter, that might be helpful as I need to get a big nonstick too for pancakes and such and the lower weight would be helpful.

Any other recommendations?

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Scanpan- my favorite one. I have just one and use it for eggs and it is really awesome.

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I'll add another recommendation to the Scan pan. They are fantastic.

I also like my Analon pans. I bought them with the expectation that I'll get 6-7 years use before they'll have to be replaced, but they were less expensive than the Scanpan too.

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I have a relatively inexpensive ($25?) nonstick skillet from Target that works surprisingly well on my induction range. It is Calphalon, it has a disc bottom which makes it compatible with induction, and we use it for eggs. It gets almost daily use from my teen daughter (read: not a careful cook) and after 3 months, looks brand new.

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I have used just about every nonstick Teflon brand around. The very best was the old T-Fal "red dot" teflon which is no longer made; amazingly durable, one of my saucepans was in use almost daily and lasted over ten years.

I have not found Calphalon or Anolon to be worth purchasing again. Calphalon's nonstick doesn't last even in the premium quality line; it scratches too easily. Anolon is one of the worst Teflon surfaces; I have to use much more oil than with other brands.

Interestingly, Circulon's Infinite brand (high-end), which I consider to be the best on the market right now, is made by the same mfg who makes Anolon (midpriced brand) and KitchenAid (lowest price and even worse than Anolon when it comes to nonstick that really isn't). The Circulon Infinite is dishwasher safe and I believe it is induction compatible. The round griddle pan is wonderful; one of the workhorses of my kitchen.

My Circulon pans have outlasted and outperformed all other brands except that one old T-Fal pan, which my DH accidentally ruined one day (sob!!), over the last six years. They are expensive, so I'm replacing my other pans over time.

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Jkom - that T-fal red-dot pan is still being made. T-fal calls it a "Thermo-Spot" now, which I guess sounds more "professional", but it's the same red dot. I have one, just bought recently. The red dot doesn't seem to do much, but the pan is nice and slippery, and the price is great. In any case, all non-stick becomes "stick" after a while, so I'd rather not spend a lot. I made that mistake once, buying a $100 All-Clad non-stick pan, and having it lose its non-stick ability in about a year, so, lesson learned.

Having said that, I also have a Scan Pan, and I like its weight better than the T-fal, but didn't want to spend as much as the Scan Pan for my second non-stick. I only have two non-stick pans, which are fry pans, which are all I need for eggs, and fish filets. I use stainless, cast iron or LC for all my other cooking.

The OP asked for more "green" pans, but honestly, the reviews aren't so great for them, and I am not sure how truly "green" they are. I think it may be a gimmick. I recommend the OP try the Le Creuset enameled cast iron. It won't be as non-stick as teflon, but will still have non-stick properties, especially if you bring it to the right temperature, and add some butter or oil. You will have to add some butter or oil, but not nearly as much as if you were using stainless. While LC is expensive, you can find great bargains at LC outlets, which I have done, saving 20%-35%, and have been very pleased with my purchases. Plus, if you are concerned with being green, a LC will last a lifetime, while a non-stick pan--"green" or not--will last some years and have to be thrown away.

T-Fal Nonstick Thermo-Spot Pan

Le Creuset enameled skillet at Amazon 11-3/4 inch but they come in smaller sizes

List of Le Creuset Outlet Stores

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I didn't find the new T-Fal anywhere near as good as the older T-Fal. Bought some, they died quickly and have never bothered with the brand again.

I had a Scanpan, but I find the Circulon better and more durable. Cookware is always a personal preference; my niece loves Le Creuset; I don't. I have a single large porcelain-clad cast iron stewpot, and use it as seldom as possible. With both shoulder and wrist troubles, CI is my least favorite cookware.

I tried a top-line All-Clad and after a while gave it to a friend who was happy to have it. I do like my only Demeyere small 4-1/2 qt stainless stewpot, however. But all my other cookware is non-stick.

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not quite as non-stick as my all clad d5 skillet, but i've been happy frying eggs in a starfrit light cast iron pan.

works very well on induction

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Love my five pcs. Of circulon infinite. Circulon has a fewlines and. Infinite in first place, symmetry in second place, both induction ready. I use my eight inch frypan every morning for eggs.

Also highly rec is Farberware Millennium non stick stainless,induction capable.

Eight in frypan is 25-30 bucks for each of these two lines at or
Third rec is Sur la table own brand of non stick stainless. Check these out!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I have the farberware now but find it's starting to stick and starting to ding a bit and am concerned about consuming the chemicals, so that's why I was looking for something that is supposed to be more green.

I have a couple of cast iron fry pans and they work super on the induction, but I have to be careful about DH not washing them in Dawn and they are very heavy....I have an enameled lodge dutch oven that is very to cook in it.. but it is very heavy....

I was hoping to find something durable, reasonably priced and reasonably nontoxic and and easily handled and that worked on many nonstick fry pans I've looked at are not compatible....maybe I'm asking too much?

But given the reviews, maybe I do need to stick with (no pun intended) the high carbon steel and seasoning and teaching DH about cleaning with kosher salt....

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