Concierge doctors?

redcurlsMay 2, 2014

The medical practice my DH and I have gone to for 20 years is soon going to be a concierge practice. There will be a minimum charge of $1650 per person per year and many of their services and tests will NOT be covered by insurance because many will be considered WELLNESS tests. The annual fee is also not deductible as a medical expense on our taxes, Our current insurance (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) will also be billed in addition to the annual fee the same as now, with our regular co-pay. I have absolutely no intention of staying with this practice, but I was wondering if others had any experience with this? In my research about this particular medical VIP plan, I found that it is owned by Proctor & Gamble.

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My husband's (internist) doctor went to this type of program, but he's also part of a larger practice od doctors who are specialists. DH does not pay that extra but sees the PA, who is supervised by that same doctor. He's happy with the arrangement.

I needed a new doctor last summer and I started seeing a PA in a practice headed by a concierge doc but with two other doctors and another PA in the practice. I am thrilled with this woman who is hands down better than any doctor I've been to in years.

We both have the run-of-the-mill issues with HBP, Cholesterol, etc, nothing serious, but well managed. We would be sent to a specialist in a second if needed.

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I find it interesting that your insurance does not pay for wellness tests. Of course it depends on what is considered wellness tests. Most insurance companies have lists of tests that they want to have done.

If you have a health savings plan where you work see if the fees can be paid or reimbursed from the plan. The money I put in mine before retirement was not taxable. Not being taxable was better than having a deduction.

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I never checked if my insurance would cover the tests. Their own brochure said medical insurance would NOT cover many of the tests. I guess there has to be a reason/diagnosis to have, for instance, a full body scan? Their brochure DID say you might be able to use your Flexible Spending Account for some of the costs, but we do not have an FSA. We already spend $6000 a year on insurance. Not adding $3500 more. Though we are sad to lose these doctors, we will not stay with this practice and we have both made an appointment with another local doctor.

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I pay my insurance premiums and the insurance pays him so I expect to see a doctor. Been there, told them how I felt then I saw my doctor from then on.

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