jan1ukAugust 31, 2005

hi I wrote here a few months ago telling you about losing my mom,dad and son all in 18mths. Well i can't believe it will be 12mths on 17th sept since i lost my disabled son to muscular dystrophy. I think I am coping ok, its only when I am alone I tend to be a bit of a wreck, so I am putting all my energies into work it just keeps me occupied.

Adam my son used to stay at hope house which is a respite for kids there he met 2 friends Robin who sadly passed away 4 yrs ago this coming oct age 20 and Brendan who prompted me to write here because he too sadly passed away from the same illness 25th aug. His funeral is friday 2nd sept he was 25. I went to see him today in the chaple of rest, and couldn't help thinking what a tragic waste of 3 young men who for one never ever complained, they just got on with life as best they could. They all had a wicked sense of humour which will always bring a smile to my face for years and years to come. I try to find great comfort knowing that they all together and sometimes wonder what they are upto. So to the three amigo's go and have the time of your lives and do all the things you weren't able to do in your time on earth love you all xxxxxx janetxxxx

(muscular dystrophy is a muscle wasting disease which over the years progresses and robs them of their walking and abiblity to use their arms until eventually it results in respiritary failure or heart failure anywhere between the ages of 16-30)

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I smiled at your "wondering what they are up to". You can bet it involves a lot of running around and being really, really physical - just making up for lost time, I betcha!

They sound like wonderful (I started to say "kids"!)


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the 12mth anniversary of my sons passing on the 17th sept was a lot harder than I thought it would be. It was like reliving that fateful day all over again, I just kept going over and over it in my head, it was really hard. I did some positive things, like taking flowers to the crem and I got some of my friends and family to light candles at 6pm the time of his passing and that felt nice..
my husbands 50th birthday was 3 days before but its always so hard having that birthday card missing. my fathers 1 year anniversary is on the 23rd oct but I am really going to try and be a lot more positive, and try not to get myself into a state. I like a lot of people just wish to know that they are all ok and together, but maybe I am just trying to hard.

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Those Three Amigos were so courageous in the face of difficulties many of us cannot imagine. What great kids! They were fortunate to have each other, and I'm sure they gave each other strength and courage.

I am sorry for all your losses. Good for you...keeping your life going in spite of the hard hits you have taken. If there has been one message here, it is to take time to grieve. So stay busy, but take the time you need to grieve too.

Thanks for bringing us up to date. Stay in touch.


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