Blueberry sauce question

Nancy zone 6March 12, 2011

I made a cheesecake & some blueberry sauce for guests expected this weekend. They have had to cancel. I'm going to freeze the cheesecake. I imagine I can freeze the sauce also, but I was wondering if it would be sort of like jam. Would it keep a long time in the refrigerator? I'm thinking a month or so? I love cheesecake, & if I don't have company to help eat it, I'll probably be getting a slice out periodically & would be easier if I didn't have to thaw the sauce as well if I wanted it.

Here is the recipe if that helps

Blueberry syrup/sauce

On medium heat mix

1 ½ cups blueberries

3 TB honey

¼ cup orange juice

2 TB sugar

Bring to a boil. Mix together another ¼ cup juice with 1 TB cornstarch, add to pot. Simmer til thickens.

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That sauce doesn't have enough sugar nor acid to keep very long in the refrig.....why not freeze half and keep the rest out to it would be good on toast as well...on on top of your oatmael.
Linda C

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I agree. The cornstarch in the sauce may also break down and allow it to separate.
You could freeze some of the sauce in one portion servings and try it though. Package them on top of your frozen cheesecake slices and you'll have one serving all ready to go!

Sounds delicious!


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It may go a little weird in the freezer but if you heat it up after thawing and whisk it well, it should go back to its original state.

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Nancy zone 6

To the freezer it goes, at least some of it. Thanks for the advice, I would hate to have lose any of it, very tasty.

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beachlily z9a

I made this sauce last night to use on belgian waffles. Easy and delish! This a.m it's going on yogurt for breakfast. Yummm! Thanks!

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