Throat clearingness

ms_minnamouseApril 28, 2007

I don't know what's going on with me but it feels like the back of my throat and tonsils are covered with a film of something and I have to keep clearing my throat but when I swallow, it comes back.

I tried mouthwash but it didn't help. It seems like everyone in my house is ill right now but I've had this for a while and otherwise feel fine.

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I know wht u r talking abt husband has the same problem ...but he has it for a very long time atleast 3 yrs now ...he checked it with a doc also but nothing came out . Do write if u come across any solutions...

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Make sure that you drink alot of water during the day, and try to avoid alot of salt.
Do you snore at night? I'm discovering that that can really dry you out alot.

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Try drinking thyme tea made with thyme from the spice drawer and hot water.

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DH has had it as long as I've known him. Worse sometimes, like when he's had a cold. Last time I made him go to the doctor. Got no answers. Don't think he really tried to get any. He had allergies as a child and I think he just thinks the throat clearing is part of who he is. When it flared up last year it was so bad it was hard to hold a normal conversation with him. He pauses to clear his throat, I pause because he can't hear me, he clears, I pause, he clears, I repeat what I said, etc, etc.

Look forward to hearing from others.

Oh, DH believes in that theory that milk increases mucous production so he limits how much milk he has. But he still clears his throat a lot so I don't know.

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My DH believes in the same theory about the milk. The mucus and the snoring is more noticable after he eats a lot of dairy. Could be sinuses as well. When I get a bad post-nasal drip, I can't stop clearing my throat and coughing.

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Please anyone -- write if you find a cure !! I don't know who I feel sorrier for -- me or my dh who clears his throat constantly ! Sometimes I just sit in another room and listen and count --every 10 seconds or so. Gone to the dr. He has gerd and is on meds for that but seems to be no concern for the throat clearing, but he also didn't push for an answer to that, I think. Milk can really cause it, but He rarely drinks milk.

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The problem may very well be caused my GERD. My mother had a very similar problem for a couple of years and also had GERD as well as medication for her cholesterol.
They changed the cholesterol meds and it made no difference.
I went with her to the GI doc and discussed the problem with him. He changed her meds around for the GERD and in about a month the problem was gone.

I'd talk to your hubbies GI doc about the problem now. It may appear the Reflux is under control but if he still has reflux in the back of his throat he will be clearing it constantly.
They have also found that many cases of what was believed to be asthma is really Gerd as well.

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I had the same problem several years ago (it still comes and goes occasionally), so I believe that you probably have what I had/have. It's a condition called dysphagia and is usually a sign of something wrong with your esophagus, if it constantly occurs.

I still haven't found out what triggers mine, however I am assuming that it's not to serious, cause I am still here typing this.

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My mom and I both suffer from this, it is after eating dairy or white bread that triggers it for us. It goes away after a few hours, but it is like there is phlegm in there that we can't clear out.

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Hi minnamouse, I have had this 'clearing my throat' problem for years. I am a very heavy diet ice tea drinker. We recently moved and I have not had any ice tea and I have stopped clearing my throat. I wonder if it is the artificial sweetner they use in the tea. Just a thought.

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I don't use artificial sweeteners if I can help it. No companies use regular old cane sugar anymore because corn syrup, sucrose, etc. are all cheaper. They don't even taste as good but that's another story.

I eat healthily. I eat mostly fruit and I usually drink just water. I think I'll make an appt. for this once I switch doctors.

I haven't tried gargling with salt water yet, I keep forgetting but I'm going to try that in the mean time. I've already gargled with mouthwashes.

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I think for every person who has this that it may be a different trigger.

For me it is spicy food. It lasts for a couple hourse after I eat it. I jokingly call it "Taco Bell Syndrome" or just "Syndrome".

A couple years ago my daughter (about 8 at the time) was clearing her throat a lot and I said "honey, are you coming down with a cold?" and she said, "No, I think it's just syndrome". I looked at her quizzically and she said "you know, like what you get after you eat at Taco Bell except mine happens after I drink orange juice".

Okay, we do have another name for it which is not nearly as pleasant as syndrome, but it is descriptive and we sometimes call it "the gooks".

My dad gets it after eating ice cream but swears no other dairy products cause a problem.

The bottom line is it may be something that you are eating that may not bother anyone else but you. When it happens, try to remember what you just ate and see if you can find a pattern.

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Try this. First start with some nexium for the GERD. Its stomach acid that creates gas that when you breath, get inhaled into throat and then also lungs. Can make throat sore.

Get some saline nose spray and then lay on your back on the bed with your head sort of hanging back. FILL up your nasal cavities with the saline solution. It will feel funny ....count to 20 slowly and then get up and lightly blow your nose to get rid of the stuff. In about 15 mins you will feel the need to give a really good blow. This post-nasal drip will also bother your throat and this will clean out the for me.

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Our whole family - me, my siblings, and their children get this after eating ice cream, and no other dairy product. We kind of forget about it when we are not together, but when we have a family meal followed by ice cream, one by one each of us will start coughing.

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Try gargaling with Apple Cider Vinegar several times a day!

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I just wander if any of the sufferers do smoke.
If they do that is the first action to be taken: quit smoking.
I used to suffer continously for ore throat, larinx etc.
After a year I quit I nearly have forgotten what a sore throat is.


Here is a link that might be useful: Quit smoking

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I too have had the same throat clearing problem. It would begin first thing in the morning especially, then continuing during the day. I would feel like there was something large stuck in my throat and start to cough too. I first started noticing the constant clearing problem after moving to a warmer climate. But after going to an allergy Dr . I was told to try Claratin Allergy pills. I now feel so much better, and only cough occasionally now. Ps I was also diagnosed with gerd later.

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I get that sometimes. What I find that helps a lot is taking a few sips of any very fizzy cola. It seems to "cut" it, if you get my drift.

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Do you have problems with your sinuses? When my nose gets runny or stuffy, I get a "drip" down the back of my throat and it makes me clear my throat frequently. Breathing steam helps get rid of it.

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I got to wondering if artificial sweeteners could have anything to do with it as DH drinks a lot of diet softdrinks these days and the throat clearing is worse than ever. This old thread came up on my google search.
I insisted DH ask the doctor about it when we went in for a number of matters but he just seemed to find it amusing that we can't hold a normal conversation or watch tv normally and moved onto the next subject.

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