Vinyl clic planks vs glue strip planks = humidity and temp

carolitisJuly 4, 2012

We were considering putting a better grade of the vinyl planks in a rental condo. The newest products most clic together and are thicker-floating, some out there just lay down like the Starloc glue-less. Husband wants a thick product.I read some good reviews of the some older products here but were used in homes -read about some problems too.

We live in NC -very humid and hot in summer when it will be installed.Read here that in winter when cold it will shrink and look terrible at least the glue kind, from you guys. Some have problems some do not. Even though we would acclimate to the condo longer than asked to, it sounds like a vinyl plank installed in NC in summer would always shrink in least the glue strip kind?

With this being a rental, not a personal home, we cannot control of periods of extreme temp in the unit as well. Has anyone in this part of country, NC had this problem (shrinkage) or maybe buckling with the clic together vinyl planks installed in the summer? Would not even question this if not read here.

There are so many new products out there thicker -some clic some do not and many are very pricey and hard to get- dealers are just getting samples themselves.

Are all of these a bad choice for a rental if put in during this hot summer?

We were really considering this for the wear ability, and laminate isn't waterproof enough for a rental condo kitchen.If some hype was correct spending a little more might be OK but not if it didn't.

If anyone has experience with newer products,summer installation, has experience in type of situation, I know some people in Europe got these products earlier.

Also Read of some of you picking up from warehouses etc at great savings. Anyone know of warehouses or direct distributors in NC?

Anyone put floor down in summer in similar situation and not have shrinkage in the cold weather? Hate to do porcelain tile in kitchen and laminate in the rest. But without some real info it is scary to spend more on a thicker 4-5mm clic plank vinyl and have it fail.

On One of the posts the question was about the clic together floating thicker allure but half the answers were responding about the old thinner glue strip allure.

I know this is long post, but reading all the different posts, I am more confused and needing advice about what the good products are and I do not want to pay the high price of fancy dealers for a rental, especially if I do not know it is proven product for my area and a rental.

You can run the HVAC all you want in NC today but hard to cool a house.So really concerned about a humid summer install then winter shrinkage.I GUESS IT MIGHT BE BETTER TO INSTALL PRODUCTS IN THE WINTER.

All opinions, recommendations for products, personal experiences and sources to save would be appreciated. Such a great site.

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