Need HTML Code for Submit Button

maryanntxFebruary 8, 2002

My form is working just like I wanted it to, (Thanks to Niels help!) I now need the code that will link to another page when the "submit" button is clicked. I have tried to make the button a link but I can't get it to work that way. I've also searched for the answer but must be looking in the wrong place. Would sure appreciate help if anyone out there knows the code.



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The submit button is just an input tag with a "submit" type. Visit here: for full details on the input tag.

PS: I'd leave off the reset button...have you ever finished a long form, only to accidentally hit reset instead of submit? I _hate_ it when that happens. :-) It also usually means a lost customer if you're selling something.

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I tried both codes and could get neither to work. It must be something that I am missing??? Anyway..thanks to both of you for your help. And yes, Rob, I know what you mean about hitting the "reset" button by accident! J My form is for filling out if you are interested in a job. Name, address, certification, etc. Then we send by mail an application. It is working like I wanted it to except that when the "submit" button is clicked it shows that e-mail is being sent and then nothing else. I want it to link to a "Thank you" page. I think the information that I've been given about making the link is correct...I'm just not putting it into action correctly!

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