Uploading .doc files

maryanntxFebruary 12, 2003

I know this is probably a silly question, but, it's something I've never done so thought I would ask first.

I have several Word documents that I want to make available to club members. Can I simply upload the .doc files to my server and put a link to them on my webpage? Each file is 350-450 mb.


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You are aware that not everyone will have Microsoft Word installed on their computers, aren't you? It doesn't come with all computers.

And that even if they happen to have MSWord installed, documents created by some versions can't be opened by other versions?

You need to make them available in a format that can be viewed without the need for buying software or upgrading existing software. That's what PDF files are for.

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lazygardens, someone else is making the Word files and usually e-mails them to club members. But they ask if I could also make them available on our webpage. So I'm assuming all the members have Word. Actually my Word program has gone haywire and I have been using WordPad to open my .doc files.
Is it possible to convert the .doc files to .pdf without having to reformat? And would I have to have the Adobe writer program to do this?

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I believe there is an option under file->save as that will let you save the files in a different format. .txt would be best for the interent.

You can just upload them as .doc files. I wouldn't. M$ puts information in.doc files like your ethernet card mac address and who knows what else that I would not publish online.

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How about saving them as HTML and uploading those. It's a lot smaller file.

That preserves most of the formatting, and you can check to make sure the personal information is gone.

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MaryAnn ~ You can upload your files & link to them exactly as you've described. I have the full version of Acrobat, if you'd like me to convert a couple documents so you can see the formatting, I'd be happy to.

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