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andyfFebruary 12, 2002

I was thinking on installing the Personal Web Server

from my Windows 98 CD install. I'm thinking of taking a crack at ASP.

When I put it in the drive I get the standard window

telling me that Windows is checking out my system and will

setup windows, then I have the 2 button option of Next and Cancel.

I don't want to see that. What I want is the options

to install specific packages or at least the directories

of my CD so I can run the PWS setup. I'm concerned that after selecting Next, Windows will go in and start changing it's own configuration, and maybe screwing things up before I get the option i want.

Another question is how do you guys rate the personal

web server, are there any glitches before I start. Does it

do a good job of mimicking a real server?


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I'm not sure about installing it -- maybe you can click "cancel" and then just browse the CD.

PWS is fine, but keep in mind that it opens you up to hack attacks, so make darned sure you have some good personal firewall going (I use Norton).


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If it's a desktop server how does it get hacked into if
there is no internet connection?

I'm sorry I don't know how it works yet.


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If there's no internet connection, you're fine. But the minute you're connected, you're open for hacking.


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Thanks folks!!!

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