Pennies from heaven (revisited)

alisandeAugust 4, 2005

We haven't mentioned finding pennies in a while. I found a lot in the first couple of years after my daughter Jill died, but not many lately. I'm still on the lookout for them, though, and when I do find one I know with certainty that it was not there the day before.

This week I found one in the attic. I'm up there frequently, turning the window fan on and off every day in this heat. Because Lulie suggested on this forum that we pay attention to the pennies' dates, I looked at this one. It was 1975, the year Jill was born. The next day I found one on the dining table. Again, there's no way it had been there before. I live alone, and I really don't think my dogs and cats picked up a penny and deposited it on the table. I looked at the date: 2001, the year Jill died.

Perhaps some of our newer members would like to keep an eye out for pennies....or nickels or dimes. Some people report these coins make an appearance, too.


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A week after my brother died I was finding pennies everywhere. I was digging a new little garden and as I turned over the dirt there was a penny with the year my brother was born.
My yougest son keeps finding pennies everytime we go for a walk. I told him they are lucky pennies from heaven.
It's nice and comforting whenever I get a little sign.


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Yes, I find them everywhere, also. You know what else I find? Elastic bands!! And I know I can't be leaving so many elastic bands around. My mother had a thing for those and always kept them on the doorknobs, so she'd know where to find them. I've always done the same, since I moved out of her house as a young adult. I find so many on the floor, and I can't believe I'm brushing up against so many doorknobs in my small place. So I think of this as another one of Mom's ways of letting me know she's still around. ;-)

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Wow, Susan!! That's awesome to find a penny dated the year Jill was born and then the year she left!! I'd definitely call that a sign!

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Very interesting. I'll definitely be on the lookout. I find coins ALL the time, but never really paid any attention the them. Just thought it was luck. lol

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When I get home from work tonight I want to check the dates on mine. Not only did I find pennies everywhere I also started finding dimes. I was careful to keep them separate from my other money in my change purse; it finally got to be too much to carry there so I'm keeping those coins in a pretty tin that I bought at a yard sale the morning before Bob died. The most strange thing was this: When I was switching out my winter clothes for my summer clothes earlier this year I had carried about 20 items upstairs - they were on hangers in the basement closet. I laid them on my bed and went through them one by one so I could eliminate what didn't fit, I didn't like, etc. When I got about halfway through the stack there was a dime. It was laying on a sweater! OK, maybe I was holding the clothes up against me and the pressure kept it from dropping out. BUT - if that was the case how did it stay there while they were hanging in the closet downstairs? And I had already been finding dimes instead of pennies for a few weeks at that time. No doubt in my mind where it came from.

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A thought on pennies...

This past weekend we moved my mom's bedroom suite to our home. I was unsure if I could handle having it in my house because it is such a reminder of her. But I didn't want to see it sold or given away.

While I was in the midst of cleaning out some odds and ends from the drawer I came across one that had a bunch of pennies in the bottom of it. When I counted the pennies out there was 34. I realized that I was 34 when she died.. one penny for every year that I was lucky enough to have such a wonderful and caring mother.

The bedroom suite has found its place in our home and now (because of the pennies) I am okay with it. And when I look at it I smile.

In my eyes they were definitely pennies from heaven.

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My mom was always finding coins in the street, so much so that when we cleaned out her home after she died last year, we came across a couple of jars filled with pennies she'd found. Since her death, I've been finding coins constantly myself -- including finding 75 cents on what would have been her and my father's anniversary. Didn't know till I saw this thread that other people were having a similar experience!

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i found 4 pennies today: 1996 (the year i got married); 2000 (the year my second daughter was born and my father-in-law died); 2004 (the year i moved from NYC to long island); and 2008. to me, they are kisses from grandma blanche and i thank her for them.

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