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dcrowexFebruary 15, 2004

I am doing a very simple web page, have a few jpgs on it, etc, but I was doing it in Microsoft Word and "saving as a web page". When I click preview as a web page, it comes up fine.

Now I am trying to upload it - I have not uploaded a web page since back in the day when we did our own HTML and I used WS FTP at the time. I looked at some examples and it looks like its gotten a little more complex.

Should I still try the WSFTP? Did I do it the hard way by doing it in Word? Its been so long, I find I am a lot more clueless than what i thought i would be.

thanks for any tips.


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Depends on whether the site you are using allows FTP or not.

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Deb, I use WS FTP and find it very user friendly. I'm assuming that your file is now an htm or html file, and that you have webspace. Then all you have to do is upload your file to your server.

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