Excel table in gw post?

river_crossroads z8b Central LouisianaFebruary 12, 2011

Hi, I want to save an Excel spreadsheet as html & include in a gw post. Is that possible?

I know how to type a table in html, no problem for a simple table. We have a competition going on in a gw forum & we post our count in an html table. The count is kept in an Excel spreadsheet. I see how to save Excel as html. When I look at the code, the body has almost nothing in it. The functions are all in the head & of course I can't get into the head in a gw post.

I am currently hand typing the new numbers into the html table. Very tedious. Any way to use Excel saved as html in a post? Any other suggestions?

Thanks a lot,


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Richard (chuggerguy)

This may help? At least give you something to work with, tweak and format.

Briefly trying it using a portion of this spreadsheet gives me an ugly unformated html table but I suspect it could be made to work?

I get an extra blank line for each row but that seems to be a gw thing, probably a workaround.

Premium fish Any 72 hour growth premium fish 782 72 10.8611

Premium fish Any 48 hour growth premium fish 521 48 10.8542

Premium fish Any 32 hour growth premium fish 348 32 10.8750

81 Yellow Bellowfish 256 32 8.0000

80 Sargeant Major 253 32 7.9063

80 Ice Fish 253 32 7.9063

79 Green Ice Fish 250 32 7.8125

78 Blue Daisy Fish 247 32 7.7188

77 Red Kelpfish 243 32 7.5938

76 Red Zombie Shark 240 32 7.5000

75 Yellow Banded 237 32 7.4063

74 Strawberry Sundae Fish 526 72 7.3056

73 Flowerhorn Cichlid 231 32 7.2188

72 Pink Blenny 228 32 7.1250

71 Green Blenny 225 32 7.0313

70 Flame Hawkfish 221 32 6.9063

69 Sailfin Molly 218 32 6.8125

68 Neon Alligator Gar (Lrg. Tank) 215 32 6.7188

Oops, I see this is an old post. Oh well, for next time maybe?

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