CGIMail-Don't understand it.?

andyfFebruary 4, 2002

I know the theory on how it works with the template,get and put and forms and all that but i don't understand is it something I have to purchase to run on the server as a utility, or is something the ISP provides and has access to it's cgi folder. Do they provide the template?


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Andy, I had a problem understanding it all too, so I made a form and simply had the results e-mailed to me instead of using the cgi.

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Usually the host server has a CGI bin where all CGI scripts are kept. This is a server side program usually made with the PERL language. All you really have to do is to make the CGI script that the host company will add to their scripts they already have. Be aware that some hosts will not let you run your own scripts, only the ones they provide. Most hosts will make you a particular script for a price.


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