sameboatApril 8, 2012

Does anyone have any advice for someone who has inner feelings of rage? I don't know how to explain how I feel. It's just this feeling of inadequacy of sorts I guess. Or laziness. I don't want anyone at my door because I don't want to have to be "on".

My teenager is not doing well in 7th grade, I am not getting along with family and some of my in-laws, I am sick of dealing with teachers and I also don't want to have to deal with other kids' parents. I know this sounds crazy. I'm a good person, really. But lately I've been feeling so resentful of everything around me I can't stand it. I don't want to hurt myself and I will not hurt anybody. It's not that kind of rage. I guess I just don't want to be bothered by anybody but then I feel lonely. Then I get resentful and it's my own fault!

My relationship with my husband is fine and I can express how I feel to him. It could be my hormones. I had a friend over the other day and we laughed our silly heads off. But I swore a lot and got a lot of bad words out. She thinks it might be hormonal. I don't know. It doesn't seem to be passing. I can hide it when I have to. I looked up some articles online but they all pertained to teenagers. I'm in my forties!

I can function. I love crafty projects. I'm currently looking for work with no success, unfortunately, so trying to make the best of being at home. I can get a meal on the table and get laundry done so that's something. lol

Does anyone know of a good web site that might give me some coping skills or advice? I can't afford therapy every week and I don't want meds (I'm allergic to so many meds, I try to stay off even my asthma meds).

I think if I understood why I am feeling this way that I could cope better.

I would love some advice or if someone wanted to share if they're feeling the same way.

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You are probably exactly right thinking that it could be your hormones. You are at the right age.

Those hormones are what makes us feel like we do. When they change, we change. We feel like a different person and it's very strange and not what we like.

Next month, or next year, you could be all steady again. This is temporary. You do need to see your gynecologist. There are medications that help level out the hormones until things get steady again.

Get a good check up, and then you can keep telling yourself that everything is going to get better. And it will!

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Agree, although I'm a male and can't really feel your feelings like a female can.
But I know what your'e talking about because my wife went through a similar stage in live and lasted several years. Over these years I had to learn to be understanding but lots of time it was really bad and don't want to remember it. I wish there was something she could do but she didn't want to see a doctor.

I'm thinking that meditation can be beneficial, there are lots of tapes and books, please check it out.

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oooooh it probably is my hormones. I will have to get it checked out.

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Good! Your first step in feeling better is that trip to the doctor. It might be something else, but I think you will find that there is help.

Women seem to not want to go to the doctor because things are so vague. It's not like an upset stomach or a back ache. You just can't narrow down what's wrong enough to say what it is. "I just don't feel right" doesn't seem like enough to take to the doctor. But, because of the middle age problem, it really is.

Even a lot of men have a problem with time rushing things along.

I remember my middle years. I am not a maternal person. Don't like little kids (except my own, of course) I certainly didn't want any more. BUT, everytime I saw a baby, I almost cried, I wanted another one. I wanted to hold one, rock one, cuddle one. I WANTED TO BE PREGNANT! Good Grief!! I thought I had lost my mind. It was my stupid body screaming at me...that time was running out...I needed a baby!

It's a good thing it didn't work...I also couldn't have stood a teenager in my sixties.

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Oh Agnes you made me laugh. I hear you.

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I just read the first book last week and found it interesting. I got mine from the library so I wouldn't run out to buy it or anything. It is a natural way of balancing out though. I am doing a very similar diet for my arthritis and found when I started out it really helped out with irritability I had. Unfortunately, it is a tough start but I have been at it for a year and stuck it out (falling off the wagon, I guess you could say) but getting back on.
http://drnatashaturner.com/ (the book is called The Hormone Diet).

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Sameboat...your'e not alone.

I came across this today when reading Billy Meier contact notes from ET

Posted on Thursday, May 06, 2004 - 11:01 am: Edit Post Print Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)
Hello Billy,

On earth when woman reach a point in their lives they experience menopause. This results in emotional mood swings, hot flashes and other assorted symptoms. These effects are sometimes quite hard on the woman, but can also disrupt the harmony of family.

Is this a normal characteristic of all women throughout the universe, or can this be a result of the alterations done to our genetics many millions of years ago?

Thank you


The Plejaran women also have the side-effects of the menopause, only that their's is a couple of hundred years later.

Probably their symptoms are less hard/heavy.

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LOL. DH said I was flipping him around like a stuffed animal last night. I just couldn't get comfortable.

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Go sleep on the couch. At least you won't feel guilty about disturbing him.

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I had exactly the same feelings as you. I was the crankiness woman God put on the earth. Nothing my hubby did was right. I got upset at the littlest things, but swore my feelings were legit. I don't know why women have to deal with teenagers when they are going thru menopause. It's hard enough when you're feeling good. However, it's been since the beginning of time. We get all the women stuff like periods, menopause, cellulite, drooping bladder, etc. while most men just have to deal with a bald head and can't pee. Now, to end on a happy note, it will eventually be over and you will feel great.

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Sameboat...if you happen to see this...please try this website..powersurge.com..it's for all ages..40 plus. A menopausal website with lots of information and support..check it out.

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Thank you Missy I'm going there now!

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I tried .com, .org and .net and nothing works...

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I googled powersurge and got the website that Missy was talking about.

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What about if you have those same feelings, are 57 years old, and post-menopausal?

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