itching ankles

zekeApril 6, 2005

i have had this for quite some time

as i have to wear rubber mud boots quite a bit in my occupation ,and whenever my feet and ankles get warm

i end up with both of my ankles itching and it continues until i start scratching then i keep on until i have scratched skin off .

is there something that i can put on my ankles to keep from scratching myself so ??

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I hoped someone would have come up with an answer for you by now.

You could, of course, use over the counter cortisone creams, but I don't know if you want to go down that road. I guess I would at least try it and see how it works. Maybe you wouldn't have to use it very often. Have you tried finding breathable boots and socks? They are really expensive but might solve your problem.

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Is it only when you wear the certain boots? You could have an allergy, and if you do, it could get worse with prolonged exposure. Latex allergies are fairly common in health care personell due to the frequent exposure they get. They can become quite serious.

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no its not just when i wear the rubber boots
it seems to occur whenever my feet start sweating
that the itching starts ,i have wore lace boots
when i was younger and i had a ongoing bout of continual itching so now i wear only shoes that dont go above my ankles , i have done some trimming on my boots at work
and that seems to help .
i have tried countless cremes and powder, and none were
much good at preventing the itch from starting up .
thanks for the advice ,

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Someone posted on here a while back about using vinegar to control itching. I couldn't find the post, so I did a search: Vinegar for itching. It returned a lot of information. See if this helps.


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You might consider if you have a yeast infection that is heat activated. My father-in-law had that problem. It was a major pain to get rid of.

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