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sue_vaJanuary 27, 2003

I have a website for seniors who write little stories. I have put up a number of these and the one I'm working on now is giving me a problem.

I am using jester for the font and 4 and 3 for font size.

The font is not being read in either IE or Netscape and the text size is not being read in Netscape.

If any of you can explain this and tell me how to correct it, I would appreciate it.



Here is a link that might be useful: story

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When you specify a font for a web page you have to remember that people who look at your site MUST have the specified font installed on their computer, otherwise default font for the browser (user may be able to specify a default font). So when you use a font like Jester, I doubt that many people will have the font, so most people will see it in Times New Roman.

I assume that when you say Netscape, you are referring to version 4.x or lower, not version 6 or higher (totally different browser, only name is the same). As for the size, I suspect that it is honoring it, but it may appear that it is not. This is one of the problems with trying to format web pages for different browsers. Size 3 may mean one size in IE and another in Netscape 4.x and another in Netscape 6. Also size 3 may be different on Mac verses PC.

Good thing about your page is that font is changeable by the user (I hate going to sites which uses tiny fonts with bad contrasting background and can't change the font size using view/text size), so just think of size being relative size to each other on the same page and not worry about with it actually renders on a users browser. However since this site is for seniors, I suggest that you increase the size to 5 for header and 4 for main text. Better yet, use h1 tags for the heading and leave off the font size for the body of the text or use +1.


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"I am using jester for the font and 4 and 3 for font size."

Do not specify font OR text size in HTML code. That gives the visitor's browser a chance to display the page with the fonts they prefer, and the size they need for legibility. When I hit a page like yours, my browser takes my already large fonts and makes them even bigger! .

"The font is not being read in either IE or Netscape and the text size is not being read in Netscape."
"Jester"? Unless I have that installed on my system, I'm not going to see it.

The hard part of making pages for the web is giving up the desire to make the pages have a certain "look". Unless you have a truly captive audience, you have no idea what their settings and installed fonts will be ... so don't even bother.

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While you are deleting the FONT and SIZE tags ... delete the font COLOR tags too.

If this site is for seniors, they need all the help you can give them.
The highest legibility for most people comes from black or dark blue text on white or a pale yellow background - others like white text on a blue background. If you force the font color toblue, the browser shows blue text oin blue background and it becomes invisible.

center font face=ÂJESTER color=Â#0099ff size=Â4Â

If that was a title, use the right tags : Heading tags (H1, etc).

And whatever tool you are using is NOT putting in proper paragraph marks ... It's one giant paragraph with forced line breaks.

nbsp; nbsp;nbsp; nbsp; This story though somewhat embellished, was dredged up from my journal of many years ago and is based on actual events.
nbsp; nbsp;nbsp; nbsp; It was late fall 1982 as my husband
and I drove down route 6 from Richmond towards our home in
Love, Virginia. We were admiring

Forget the indents too.

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You can embed the font in the HTML, and then it doesn't matter whether the client computer has the font or not.

Here's a tutorial that I found:


Here is a link that might be useful: How to embed fonts in HTML pages

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That still doesn't help the issue of the page "designer" forcing their idea of what is readable onto an audience who may have vision problems.

Are you presenting information to as wide an audience as possible, or being artsy for those without visual impairments who happen to use the same browser and defaults as you.

Pixels are NOT paper! Don't try to use them as if they were.

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I am aware of some of the vagaries of the different browsers. These stories are given to me by a group of ladies, some of whom are trying to learn HTML. The one in question has errors which I will take care of. They want to see the stories in a variety of fonts and colors.
My quandary is, since I have 80 some stories on this site, that this is the only one that I have had this problem with.

I have bookmarked the tutorial and in the next day or two will read over it and see if that will be feasible for me.

Love your pic of the baby hummingbird!
Thanks to each of you for your input.

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