difficult choices

dcrowexAugust 31, 2004

My DD told me of a coworker who's husband was just diagnosed with a terminal disease. They have given him 6-9 months to live. This coworker is someone who seems to be getting through this, still working every day as well. She is only 36 and I think her DH is 37. She said she needed to work because eventually the insurance will cap with the medical bills. She also commented how she felt guilty that she had to work, but yet it helped her being at work with so many people supporting her, but then guilty again because her last days should be spent with her ill husband. How incredibly painful this is and what difficult choices people are forced to make.

My heart goes out to her.


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This is a sad, sad world. I'm so sorry for these poor people. My heart goes out to them too. Thanks for telling us. I will remember them in my thoughts and prayers.

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I hope your coworker makes up in quality time what she can't in quantity of time with her husband. It is a sad fact that people must still work and the world goes on when tragedies strike. I understand her need for support and distraction, I hope her husband does also.

My thoughts and prayers are with her and her husband tonight.

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