cmamaApril 7, 2012

Has anyone had pleurisy? I have had it for 7 weeks and have had fluid drained twice. Dr's don't know what is causing it.

I'd appreciate your input.


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Usually pneumonia or you are taking in too much salt & filling up your lungs with fluid(congestive heart failure- which you can live with for years if you change your diet & cut back on salt, fat etc.) Are you on a diuretic? If so may need need to take more. Some people think BP meds "take care of the problem" & continue with a bad diet. Had an uncle that loved popcorn with butter & lots of salt every night. Lasted only about 1 yr. after BP went high, he was sure meds "would handle it" He was wrong. In his early 60's. sad! Hope you are OK now. Could have been walking pneumonia, bro. had that & went to dr. couple of times before diagnosed (extremely tired & kind of weak were his main symptoms) they surely did chest x-ray if they were draining it off lungs. Hope you have some answers by now!

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My husband had it one time, but it has been so long ago, I can't give you any information except, it hurt when he took a deep breath. Google Pleurisy and see what you come up with.

Here one site I looked at.

Here is a link that might be useful: pleurisy

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If it is congestive heart failure you have to watch your intake of water. My sister's convinced my Mom to drink water to replace what the lasics did away with. Wrong. The water is the problem in congestive heart failure. In my husband's case, his plurisy went away in 2 or 3 days.

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EmmaR you are right. Mom has CHF & she is on low water intake & takes Lasix daily. Been hospitalized twice to remove water from lungs & lower abdomen. They don't worry as much about legs but as it "moves up" it can take their life. My pleurisy was when I had pneumonia & spinal meningitis at 15 & every bite I tried to swallow was so painful. Then yrs later I got it again & painful to breathe deep & eat.

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My sisters were nagging Mom to replace all the water she eliminated and when I told the doctor he told her to drink only when she was thirsty. After that the swelling went away. Even the pharmacist told her to drink lots of water.

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