Donating unused medications

puzzlefanApril 27, 2011

My doctor had in the past faxed in prescriptions before my trial period was concluded, usually 30 days. This has wasted a lot of money for us in the past. My new doctor thank heavens, waits until I tell her to proceed. I was cleaning out drawers and found I still had three months of pravachol stored. I would like to donate it as perhaps someone else who doesn't have the financial means to buy it could benefit. I had terrible side effects but that could have just been my system. Some time ago I heard a national news story about rural doctors collecting such meds for their indigent patients. Has anyone heard of such a program?

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Unfortunately this is illegal. The peson receiving it may have a bad reaction to it, it might be the wrong dosage, etc. I think the DEA has made it a law, but I would just take them to your doctor, maybe a few they can recycle.

Good luck!

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