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Larry_PullenJanuary 30, 2002

How can I refresh my website after I make changes to it? Seems I have a cache or something that makes it load faster. I have a lot of images and am trying to optimize them and upload back to website but the old images are still there.


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Delete your Temporary Internet Files before you refresh and that should take care of it. In IE go to tools internet options to delete these files.

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Even better, go to Tools, Internet Options, and on the General tab, in the Temporary Internet Files section, click on the Settings button, then choose the "Every visit to the page" option.

You will now always see a new page when refreshing or visiting -- nothing in cache.


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I have done that but the images stay the same.

This is what I have done

1. Went to Tools Options and deleted every thing that looked like I could. Cookies - temp files ect

2. Went to my host and even deleted some image files - But they are still there

I am wondering if my host server has a cache that is holding my old images?

Thanks for what ever help you can.

Oh - Some times a few days later I have noticed from before the will change.


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Did you set your browser to reload on "every visit to the page" (as I mentioned above)?


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Yes I did. still the same. After two days it finally gave me the changes. Strange - but true.


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If it's an IE cache problem, holding down CTRL while hitting refresh will force a reload of the page. I think Netscape uses SHIFT refresh, but it's been a while and I can't remember off-hand.

Also, make sure the date and time (and time zone!) on your computer is set correctly. If your date is wrong, then when the browser looks at the last updated date for various requests, it may not think that the content has been updated if your clock is wrong...

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Thanks Rob - Will give tha a try


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