When does it stop

jujugram2004August 12, 2004

I lost my husband last year and 4 months after that I lost my mom. Then this year I lost one dog, then 2 weeks ago I lost another dog and today I had to put my cat toby down.

This is bad for me. I'm so tired of it. My chest is heavy for the pain for all of this. Just tired.

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I'm sorry. It must be hard. Such heavy losses. I hope you can find some quiet peace to comfort you a bit, so you can go on and maybe feel a little better, or at least have some of the heaviness lift.


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Nell Jean

It seems as if it never stops. We just keep going. It doesn't get better, but it does get different after a while.
What do you do for renewal, JUJU? Do you have hobbies, or family close by, or church? You have had so many losses in a short period of time. You've spoken before of anger. I hope you're laying that burden down.

Watch for notices of bereavement groups in your areas if you've not joined a group. Talking with others in person who've had recent losses is helpful sometimes, and the groups usually have counselors. Even if you've not had a family member in Hospice, your local Hospice grief group will be open to anyone who's had a loss, call them for information.

I'm sorry for your recent losses. Keep talking to us, too. We all have that common bond here.


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when does the constant death stop? It doesn't. I feel like Death is picking or about to pick off everyone I love. It's terrifying.

I am going through something similar, as I just learned a good family friend was killed in a single car accident. Gary had a wife and two six year old twin sons. He was a good father, (how will those boys ever heal? He was needed) and I will never forget his laugh and hanging out with him.

Seems like I have too much practice at grieving.

RIP, Gary.

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I understand. In 2001 I lost one of my favorite uncles, my dad, my best friend's mom (who was like a close family member), one of my best friends very suddenly and another favorite uncle. One death in February, one in May, two in September and one in November.

That's when the gray hair REALLY started showing up!

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Try to do things which lift your spirits. Listen to up-beat music, garden, call a friend or family member to say hello, spend time with children, go to a funny movie. Even though you orchestrate these things yourself, and maybe you aren't really in the mood, they can help. I'm so sorry for all your losses and heavy grief.

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