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deb_paApril 17, 2010

The last few years I was getting horrible leg cramps, calfs and toes curling, really nasty. I ate the bananas, that didn't help. Then one night on Discovery Health channel I heard a fellow describing my cramps. His diagnosis was his body made too much iron. Wow! I remembered from way back my water was said to have iron in it. I bought a water filter pitcher and use that for drinking and cooking. No more leg cramps! Hope this helps someone out there.

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Have you been checked for hemachromatosis (sp?) I worked with a man with this who had to have the iron in his blood monitored. If the iron levels got too high he would go to the blood bank and have from one to however many pints drawn. Left untreated there can be severe liver damage from the iron levels in the liver. You really do need to rule this out before choosing to ignore it for lack of symptoms now.

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I do get full blood workup twice a year for prescriptions I am on. Last one was last week and all was good. If I get busy and forget to make up the Brita water for 3 or 4 days the cramps start slowly coming back.

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