If we love maple should we go with engineered in kitchen?

mays802July 26, 2014

Hello - We have solid maple flooring upstairs in our home that we love. We were warned against solid maple in the kitchen b/c it separates more than other flooring (oak). If we prefer the look of maple over oak, is engineered maple a better choice for the kitchen?

Are there any other hardwood choices that are stable, hard and without the pronounced graining that you find in oak? Thank you!

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We have had hardwood maple flooring in our kitchen since 2005. I was worried because it was not put on a very level surface, but it has held up great! Even the scratches are really not that noticeable.

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Maduto - your floor is so pretty! It looks similar to the Mercier prefinished that we have upstairs. Is this solid maple or engineered? Thanks for you help!

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It is solid. I kept all my receipts from my kitchen remodel...it was 3/4" Muskoka maple honey.

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Thank you for the info! :)

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We just installed a solid maple floor in our new kitchen, and it is not wearing well. It was pre-finished, and the finish is not holding up well. In addition, every time a pot or utensil accidentally falls, it dents the floor. It is less then two months old. The contractor is willing to replace the slats that are cracking, in which the finish is cracked, but that might compromise the integrity of the floor because he has to remove individual slats. I don't know if we are better off doing that or just refinishing the entire floor. Any opinions?

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We contacted the manufacturer in August and they sent an expert to inspect the floor. That was on 9/19. We have not heard from them. I contacted the flooring company where we purchased the floor, they said they would follow up. I haven't heard anything back from them. This was solid wood, not engineered. I'm so disappointed. I would never buy from this manufacturer again.

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Replacing individual planks wont be an issue, wont affect your floor as a hole.

Its unfortunate you feel your floor isn't holding up to your expectation, but keep in mind any wood product will dent if pots or utensils. the finish cracking is a different story.

Refinishing will void any warranty, but I guess my advice would be figure out what the manufacture has to say and def have the boards replaced.

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amyhir, can I ask who the floor manufacturer is? shopping for engineered wood floors and trying to find a great manufacturer, thanks

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I had a solid not engineered maple floor in my kitchen from 1987 to 2011 and again when we remodeled in 2011. Again chose solid maple in kitchen. We. Got dings and scrapes when we pushed chairs across the floor and under the table. Then, the felt pads wore loose or got dirty and did not protect.

In the remodel the floors are perfect. The felt pads now stay on and stay clean. We are empty nesters since 2009 as dd now in college.

Separation due to heat or wet fluctuations never a big deal. Very slightly and not noticeable much. If you stare, on certain days, it is slight.

I would do maple again but we bought a house in Tucson and peeps say no to. Hw floors here. So am doing laminate in bedrooms and ceramic elsewhere. I love maple the most. It is kinder to backs and aging legs but I gotta listen. In my heart, I doubt their accuracy and think they are just unfamiliar with hw in kitchens.

My old floors did get beat up but loved them anyway. My new floors are perfect, flawless.

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