alternative anxiety medicine

deener43April 12, 2004

Is there a drug or? for anxiety disorders that arent addicting? For someone who is nervous and shaky, it doesnt happen to him all the time. He just started a new job in another state and is very nervous.He really needs something to calm him down, something over the counter.

Thanks so much!

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There's something called "Rescue Remedy" that many people swear by. I just attended a dog obedience seminar & it came up during a discussion on ring nerves (you don't want to be real nervous competing because the dog will pick up on it.) A couple of people recommended it highly.

Sounds a bit iffy to me, but I've read & heard a lot of good things about it! It's widely recommended for fearful dogs too (sorry about all the dog references, I'm a dog person what can I say.)

Anyhow, worth a try, it's inexpensive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rescue Remedy.

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There a quite a few herbs out there that help you to calm down. One that's very well known is St. John's Wort and you can have it as drops, teas or pills (make sure they are liquid) and just read the instructions on the back. It's pretty good and also helps you fall asleep better...

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For short-term CALMING ... Valerian and Kava, or a tea called "Tila" (Lindenflower).

SJW takes several weeks to take effect.

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The best anti-anxiety drug I know of is to quit drinking coffee. Presto chango -- no anxiety/nervousness. The only side effect was a pounding headache and profound sleepiness the first day, but after that it was all downhill. In addition to that, regular exercise also helps a lot. Sorry, I don't have any suggestions for medications. If your friend is a coffee drinker (or consumer of other caffeine-containing drinks), try urging him to quit.


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I started a vitamin B complex about a month ago and my constant anxiety has lessened greatly. I was at a point that I thought I may have to go on one of the anti-anxiety drugs, so I was relieved that the vitamin B seemed to work.

Here's a little info on Vitamin B:
Balanced B-Complex: B vitamins have long been known as the "Anti-Stress Vitamins." B vitamins are essential in providing support against anxiety and depression. The more stress we have in our lives, the faster the B vitamins are used up. This is important to understand, as B vitamins are also critical in: energy production; maintaining healthy nerve function; liver detoxification processes; healthy skin and muscle tone; and are essential co-factors in hundreds of other chemical reactions with the body. Homocysteine levels, when elevated, can cause stroke, heart disease, and Alzheimer's disease. Homocysteine levels are reduced by proper amounts of B6, B12 and Folic Acid. B vitamins are important in the functioning of the liver and in energy metabolism. They are necessary for the formation of the red blood cells, numerous hormones, and specific neurotransmitters. Adding a full B vitamin complex, and or adding all the B vitamins separately, is part of the standard protocol in EDTA IV Chelation therapy. If high amounts of stress are present in your life, it is essential to increase the amount of B vitamins in your diet. You will not be able to get enough B vitamins in your food to meet your body's physiological needs, when modern day stresses are prevalent in your life.

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>Is there a drug or? for anxiety disorders that arent addicting?

Yes, and a lot of them. Medicine is coming out of the old days when tranquilizers were the only thing available.

Tranquilizer = addictive.
Anxiolytic = nonaddictive.

It's the anxiolytics that are available now and in some cases, anti-depressants will also reduce symtpoms of anxiety. Most anxiety tends to wax and wane, depending on the situation of the person.


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Exercise -such as walking- will often relieve anxiety. Practicing calming techniques like deep breathing, relaxation can be very effective. If you practice calming yourself down in a non-anxious situation and connect the feeling with a saying or action it becomes easier to access the calm when in a anxiety provoking situation. There are a helpful books in the library. Anxiety can be a symptom of hormonal imbalance so you might want to check with a doctor.
Cutting caffeine is an excellent suggestion. Anxiety is also a side-effect of some medications so make sure he isn't taking anything that could be causing it.

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his diet may be a cuprit also
comfort foods that a lot of us reach for automatically when we feel stressed are high carb which can throw off a stable balance of blood sugar
i know that this causes anxiety in me
i'm not pushing a low carb thing but just looking at foods consumed and whats going on with the bodily reactions might be worth looking into in addition to finding the actual source of stress/anxiety (and dealing directly with that)
i agree that walking can help, also gentle weight exercise and meditation can help calm
good luck to your friend in his new surroundings!

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You need to get off any caffiene and do more shows so it becomes less stressful and more old hat. Eat better, sleep and exercise. If you are so nervous you could have someone else show the dog or simply quit if it is so painful.

My parents use to show dogs for many years- sometimes they would show and sometimes they would hire others to show. The best results were when my mom became one with the dog and did it herself.

Drink dandelion tea, eat organicly and properly- meditate and take yoga.

My mom was a heavy smoker...which she died from (ciggarettes), so I encourage you not to go that route. However, there is mention that smoking catnip is like a mild cannibus type ;)

Just get yourself healthy in everyway possible, mentally, physically and spiritually. Also keep your environment and people environment healthy too.

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