receeding gums

chery2April 26, 2004

Is it possible to reverse receeding gums? I'm taking better care of my teeth now than ever before. It takes TIME, and I'D like to believe it's worth it...chery-va

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If you mean, will they grow back to the original gum line, no, I don't believe so. But you should still take the time to care for them to keep them healthy and prevent them from receding further!

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chery-va, be sure to use a SOFT toothbrush. I brushed incorrectly with a HARD brush for years and now have gum and bone loss. My periodontist has done three gum grafts (three different areas) and said this will prevent the gums from receding further. ~abreeze

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Soft bristle brush, water pic and floss. Do all 3 everyday.
Kathy G in MI

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Before I started using a water pic, my gums would always have some bleeding when cleaned by the dental hygenist. Since using it, there is not even one drop of blood. My dentist is amazed at the difference in my gums. You really can get your gums in a healthy condition if you work at it.

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Gingival recession is a normal part of the aging process. However, it can also happen in younger folks for a variety of reasons. The most common are: Incorrect brushing (too hard, too horizontal, using a stiff brush); and dental anatomy (your muscle attachments between the cheek and gum tissue are too high or too strong; or the tissue itself is unusually thin). The most common example of the latter occurs on facial surfaces of lower anterior teeth (usually central incisors) or lower canines and first bicuspids. It is also fairly common on the facial surfaces of maxillary canines.

In both cases, I am not aware of any way to naturally reverse the process, however, it is possible to slow or sometimes stop the process. If the recession becomes too severe, it can be repaired with a free gingival graft, where they take some tissue from your palete and graft it to the site. This type of surgery is done by periodonitsts and has a high success rate.


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I was told you could gently massage the gums to help. Good oral hygiene helps. Use a soft tooth brush and stay away from abrasive toothpastes like pearlwhite or any whitening types, also if using baking soda that can be pumicey like and abrasive so go gently gently. try brushing with your other hand so perhaps if you are brushing too hard it will help. again massage with your finger gently everyday to reverse the process and dont expect immediate results.

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