Do you shop at J Jill?

bac717June 7, 2012

Today I went to J Jill to look at the pieces from their Wearever collection. I am looking for some travel clothes for an upcoming trip to Italy. The clothing is very comfortable and I could do a lot of mixing and matching with some things I already have at home to create quite a few outfits. What I'm wondering, tho, is whether or not anyone knows how well this fabric holds up. Does it pill or shrink or anything else negative? I know this is a very specific question, but you never know in a group this large, who might have some insight. Thanks.

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I have one pair of cropped pants that I THINK are from that collection (they are from J.Jill) that I bought a few years ago and they have worn very well. No pilling. They're my go-to pants for long flights or car trips!

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Oh! Of course I had to go check the web site. I also have this dress which is very easy to wear -- dress it up or down, add a cropped cardigan, etc...

Here is a link that might be useful: Dress

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I also like jjill. Very comfy and agree they wear wll.

Sueb, I have been considering that dress, too! I am 5'3"-is it way above the knee or would you guess it might hit around the knee on me?

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Yes, their clothing is of natural fibers and good quality synthetics and holds up well to washing. They are owned by Talbot's, and they have the same generous return policies and good customer service.


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cyn, I think I have the petite size (I'm 5'2") and it comes just below my knee cap, I think. (I haven't worn it since last summer!)

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Last year I bought several pairs of their "boyfriend chinos" which I love. The fabric has held up great after numerous washing/drying.

The ever-popular cropped styles just don't work for me and it's so difficult to find non-cropped summer pants that aren't jeans or matronly looking. These fit the bill!

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Talbot's sold J Jill a few yrs ago.

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I have a lot of JJill. I wish their stuff was more, I don't know, hip? I tend to like funky/bohemian styles but JJill has nice basics and layering pieces. I found that their linen shrinks badly but I've learned to care for it properly.

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I have several pieces from the Wearever collection (2 jackets, 2 skirts, one tank) and I find they are very travel-friendly. I experimented w/putting the tank in the dryer--it didn't really shrink, but it very slightly changed the texture so the fabric does not look as nice. No pilling though. Anyway, the rest of it now I hang to dry.

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Thanks everyone for all the feedback, especially the caution to line dry the Wearever collection. I never ceased to be amazed at all the help I receive whenever I ask a question here. And this time, like I said earlier, I felt like I was asking a very specific question and still I got some great information! Thanks so much! I think I need to head straight to J Jill. I'll let you know what I end up buying.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Thanks Sue! Sounds perfect then-knees aren't as pretty as they were years ago! ;)

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I'm back from J Jill and here's what I bought -- so far :)!
4 pieces - a jacket, a skirt, a tank and a pair of ankle pants, all in black. The fabric is so comfy and will work year round. I think it will also be great for a long plane trip. Thanks again for all the responses.

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Very comfortable. Wears very well! Love their clothing.

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I have been wearing jjill for many years--at least a third of my casual wardrobe is from there. I have a few pieces that are at LEAST 8 years old and they get lots of wear.

I've never worn the wearever line. I prefer the all cotton pure line... and I too am hooked on the boyfriend jeans/chinos and the a-line elliptical tees. Their lines are good, the sizing is forgiving with weight changes -- and well, they just fit me well.

Also.. be sure to sign up for their emails. They run a lot of promos! I even get phone calls from the local store when they have a special sale. Love that kind of customer service.

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