Anyone try 'The Analyst'?

lydia1959April 21, 2006

For $25. a computer will generate health risks/ possibility of diseases according to your answers to about 900 health questions. If you want to pay more a doctor will view and comment on your results as well.

I'm thinking about trying this as I have a lot of annoying symptoms such as severe PMS, fibroids, adult acne, daily headaches. My doctors always want to tackle each item seperately, but I believe they are all symptoms of a larger problem. Doctors intimidate me so it would be nice to have a print out showing that the symptoms could be related (and possibly even cured).

Here is a link that might be useful: Analyst

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In my opinion, this is a poor substitute for a real doctor.
No, I've not tried it myself.

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I am new to this forum, but hang out elswhere in the forum network.
If medical doctors do not give you the answers you want, I suggest you find a competant naturapathic dr. Call chyropractors to find one if not listed in phone book or check w/ "ask a nurse"
Do an alternative medical search on line. I found a dr. who supports alternative/complimentary medicine, that was near me, but have never needed to contact him.

I have found one associated w/ an alternative health care product I recently started using w/ a great amount of medical research behind it. Having been used in southeast Asian countries for 100's of years w/ great success in treating the whole body.

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