Mohawk vs Mirage.....And is this a good price for it?

jerseygirl07067July 17, 2012

A well known flooring place in town has some discounted Mirage for $4.89 squ foot, it is engineered natural oak. Wherever we purchase from, we are planning on with their pro to do the glue down install. However, this place is rated poorly on the Better Business Bureau, and the price is suspiciously low to me for Mirage.

The other place we went to, smaller, family owned, has Mohawk Natural Oak on sale for $2.89. They have a much better rating on the BBB and I know someone who has used them and liked them.

Should we go with the better rated place? The same Mirage floor there is $7 or so sq/ft. The discounted Mirage has kind of sucked me in a bit, but interestingly it's the only Mirage line the well known flooring store carries and they are not an authorized distributor so if there's problems, I can see trouble.

what would you do?

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My advice would be to buy the Mirage and have someone else install it. Be carefull of anything that costs @2.89 that is super cheap product.

Which mohawk style is it?


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We were super lucky to find a contractors overstock of Mirage Lock in October 2010. Cost was $2.99 per square foot and yes the normal cost was much, much higher, I think around $10-11 per square foot! That's Lock. When we did some adjoining stairs we chose matching Mirage Engineered & we had to pay full price and that was about $12 per square foot! NO difference in quality and I don't think if it's got the Mirage name on it it'll ever be a poor quality! no kidding. Mirage is known as the "cadillac" of flooring and I don't think they even keep seconds! We installed it ourselves and it fit together like a glove, such precision product we still can't believe the quality! I don't think I'd hesitate to buy the deal you've found. (But is it in stock and can you actually see the boxes you'll be buying? If not the stores reputation and getting taken for a ride by a crooked company would be more my worry than the Mirage floor brand) PS: keep in mind, stairnose and other trim by Mirage is EXpensive, more than the flooring, so figure that in too!) Good luck.

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