Protecting My Web Page Photos?

penny_savJanuary 28, 2002

I have a web site that contains photos of mainly Savannah Georgia.

Does anyone know the code to use so that when visitors right click on my photos, they are not able to save them?

Thanks for any words of advice


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The NO-Right click Java script does not keep people from saving the pictures. they can always do a screen save to get the pictures. The only thing that will deter most people from downloading is either a watermark on the picture or having the picture cut up into sections.


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They will also be in a person's Cache

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Besides you don't have to right click in IE 6 to save the picture.

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There are many ways to get around right click disabling (those mentioned here, plus viewing source, finding the image link, and putting that in your browser). All right click disabling does is annoy experienced (and even some unexperienced users). If you are truly worried about someone stealing your images, then don't put them in a public place for downloading.

While posting uncompressed TIF's of full-resolution drum scans of your images will lead to some theft and loss, is it really dangerous for someone to steal 300x450 JPG? I just put a border around the image with my email and a small copyright. Sure someone could yank it off easily and display it, but not really for anything other than use on their web page. It works pretty well to just ask them nicely not to use the images without permission.

Always remember; virtually anyone serious enough to be willing to pay good money for photography is probably not the type of person who would go through the hassle of stealing a low-quality shot off a webpage and adapting it to their purposes. :-)

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