tough skin on feet

goldyApril 25, 2009

I have been to foot doc.and they say rhey don't know what's wrong with my feet.The skin is so tough and I have to scrape it off.Ireally must fine someone who can help me.Should I go to a skin doc.?

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Many people have calluses, really tough dry skin, on their feet. Did the doctor feel your tough skin was unusual?

If you think you have a difficult skin condition other than the usual calluses people get, then you could check with a dermatologist.

Do you soak your feet and then go over the rough spots with a pumice stone (available from hardware stores)? Follow up with a foot lotion and socks. There is also something available called the Ped Egg which you can use to remove rough skin, although it is not for diabetic people.

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Iwent a foot doctor 30years ago and he said he did not know what it was.Since I retired I went to another foot doctor and he said the same thing and recommend that I go to a dermatologist.I just did not want to put my feet in a skin doctors face but I guess I have to put my pride in my pocket and go.Really tough skin that I have to scrape off after each bath.

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My feet have always been very calloused. Now that I am diabetic, I have to work at getting rid of that because my heels can crack and bleed. I bought a battery operated pedicure kit and one of the attachments lightly sands my feet. It takes very little at a time, so I think it is pretty safe

Socks: I was thinking of buying a Ped Egg. Why are they contra-indicated for diabetics?

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I brought a Ped Egg.Did not work.Could you give me the name of the battery operated kit?Ped Egg is for dainty feet I have feet like horses hoofs.

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I can't find a name on it, but I bought it at Target in the nail care section. There are several attachments, 2 about the size of a quarter. I believe it was under $10

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Thanks I'll be on Target the first thing tomorrow morning.

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Devorah, I don't know for sure why they are not recommended for diabetics, but I would guess it could be because there are blades involved which possibly could cause a cut, and diabetics sometimes have difficulty healing injuries to the feet. It can be a very serious problem, actually as you probably know.

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Goldy, if you find the abrasion tool, only use it for a couple of minutes in any one spot. It is best to give this plenty of time so that you don't end up hurting yourself. I am amazed that I haven't had to change the batteries yet.

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Went to target.No luck.Went to Sally's brought a battery operated tool.It was a toy.Took it back.Still trying to find a real tool.In the mean time I will just have to keep putting on the lotion.You know I'm worried that if I ever have to go to a hospital this skin will build up so bad that I will never get it off to put on shoes if I ever come home.

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Try a dremel tool, it has lots of attachments, you can buy them at home depo, lowes and building supply stores, & sears should have them also.

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Thankyou so much I will try the dremel tool.

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There are several products/lotions that can remove and either prevent or lessen the problem. Some are by Rx, and some have recently become OTC. I remember using one lotion a long time ago - it was my MIL's Rx. My doctor was reluctant to prescribe for me. Later, a friend gave me some samples he had gotten when he was in Med school. It really does help, and it is safe (well, as safe as meds can be). Careful using the dremel type tools. They can burn the skin and make the them tougher to deal with later. I know too, that a lotion that I had used for years that prevented dry skin for an entire day - even on the feet. About a year ago I noticed that although my feel did not look dry, the tough skin was worse when I used it. Now I use a body butter by Carol's Daughter and it keeps the skin on the bottom of my feet very soft for most of the day. It's still not as much as I like, but it does help. The other thing, some of that is caused by a fungus. Don't treat this until going to a Dr. because you may do more damage than good. Most Podiatrists are interested in foot structure or medical aspects of the foot, or sores from diabetes, etc.,and not the cosmetic concerns. They may not be as interested in going through the details of solving the "typcial" hard skin concerns. I would keep trying to find a Dr. - dermatologist or one that deals with Diabetic patients, a lot. They may have more interest in keeping dry skin away so sores and skin breakage won't develop.

Best wishes - I'm sure you want to look good in those strappy summer sandals.

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You are right.the doctors I went to did not seem interested.So I will keep looking and trying different lotions My feet feal fine it's just that thick white skin I have to shave off after each shower that bothers me.It gets worse over the years.

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I have always had very good results with Avon's Intense Callus Cream. I'm getting ready to order more, and it seems it's the only thing that works for me.

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Thanks Susie.I don't have an Avon rep.But I will go on line and see If I can order it.

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I, too suffer from rough callused heels. All the time cracking and hurting. I have used every cream, lotion and file available. Don't waste your money on the Avon stuff. It didn't help me at all. I started using the PedEgg and absolutely love it. Do not use it before you soak your feet. Use it before the soak, rub your heels in vaseline and put on a pair of light socks. I swear it's the only thing that has ever helped my feet.

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I tried "pedEgg' and it didn"t work.Maybe it was me.Will try it again and see what happens.I soak my feet and scrape with a knife .You would be surprised how much dead skin I scrape off every other day.I put "bagBaum" and socks every night.Feet look good and feel good.when it comes time for the scrapeing there is a ton of dead skin again.

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Iwent to a dermi-and he told me I had psoriasis.Told me it would never go away,gave me a RX "vanos" cost over $200.still got it just as he said.Will continue to soak and scrape like I have been for over 30years,He said it's not life threatening.Good news no one can see it,

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I read the post where someone recommended using a dremel to remove rough skin on your feet. Good idea, but don't do that. A dremel focuses on only a small area at a time. Using the same theory though. Try a mini sander. Yes a sander with real sand paper. Not the really rough grade. It doesn't take much with the vibrations it produces. I tried the over the counter feet softening tools and they are terrible for thick skinned feet. A waste of time and money. If you already have nice feet then i"m sure they work fine. The sander works, try it. Then shower or soak your feet,put a good lotion on followed by shoes and socks. See how they feel after a few hours. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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Recently on a site I visit they showed some really bad feet. They suggested soaking and lotion. They also suggested zinc. I understand that if your body is low in zinc the tablets will taste sweet but if you do not need it the tablets will be bitter.

One thing you should not do is attempt to removed the dead skin immediately after soaking as you can easily remove too much skin and have a open wound.

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Years ago I found a pumice like product that you used wet with a little liquid soap that was great. Took all the dead skin off & left feet very soft & smooth. Used to get a Walmart then all of a sudden could not find. Was in a light blue & white box but don't remember name of it. Has anyone else ever used this & do they know the name & if you can still get it?

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The product looked like a black pumice stone & had a medicinal smell

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