Do I have Hypothyroidism?

tekisuiApril 7, 2008

Hello everyone,

I recently got my thyroid bloodwork back and the tests are as follows:

TSH 3.06

T3 7.6

T4 35

I have horrible sometimes severe hypothyroid symptoms. I have not had my antibodies checked, is it possible that I have hypothyroid with normal bloodwork? Which antibodies tests should I request from my doctor? Thank you for your help.

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Antibodies don't have anything to do with your thyroid, they are an indicator that you have or had an infectious disease, and what antibody to be tested for would depend on which disease you suspect you might have.

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Your TSH is slightly high going by new standards which say it should be less than 3.0.

Ignore Quirk. Have your TPO and Thyrogobulin antibodies checked. People with Hashimotos or Graves disease will almost always have high levels of these. Hashimotos Hypothyroidism is a autoimmune disease in which the antibodies mistakedly attack our thyroids.

Don't let your doctor skip the antibody testing. LOTS of people (me included) will have low or normal TSH, but have very high antibodies.

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ok, sorry.

I assumed tekisui's dr had mentioned tests for antibodies against something like Lyme disease which cause similar symptoms to hypothyroidism (fatigue of course being a primary one). Didn't realize there were also antibodies specific to the thyroid diseases.

my bad. a quick google search on hashimoto's reminds me of the cliche about assuming...

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