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Don BedfordJanuary 31, 2002

Hello all,

I, much like you, am very new to webdesign and have had no proffessional training... just thought I would stop by and offer up a link to what i've found to be the single most useful resource in learning this craft:


Google has an incredibly vast amount of good information, but more importantly - it has a huge network of people that are willing to critique your site, and give you good solid advice, which I feel has helped me gain a better understanding of webdesign quite quickly.

You can check out the site i'm currently working on, it's my first site and is about 3 months old... if you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email.

Donald Bedford

Webmaster: The ultimate guitar tab website

@ http://donnybravos.homeip.net

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Nice looking site...but as far as the coding you have quite a few errors, Also the top line should indicate the current version of HTML, as well your content is good but I'd Beef up the keywords.
Here's a couple example errors...
Error: NOSAVE is not a member of a group specified for any attribute

Error: element NOSCRIPT not allowed here; possible cause is an inline element containing a block-level element

Good Luck with your Site and Coding!

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Your website looks very nice and professional, Don. My 15 year old is trying to learn guitar so I'll be back to check your site out when I have more time! Good luck.

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Maryann and Dale,

Thank you for the feedback. Dale, you are the first to mention those errors, so another thanks is due :-). Are you getting them on every page? I haven't yet had time to view the page in multiple browsers, only IE 6.0 (yes i know, I just haven't had a chance to download multiple browsers), is it possibly a browser compatibility issue with the SSI? I only learned SSI a couple of days ago so it is very likely I'm messing it up. Any addition feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.

Don Bedford

Here is a link that might be useful: The ultimate guitar tab website.

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I went to Net Mechanic today, i've got a better understanding of where the error is located now. The errors are all part of the code I copy/pasted from counted.com - my hit tracking service (perhaps it's time to learn how to use log files with IIS?). Fortunately, becuase I'm using SSI, fixing the one file will automatically update all of my pages. Anywho, I'm off to figure out it's fix.

Oh yeah... to those who don't know it's out there...you can check your webpages for errors quickly at http://www.netmechanic.com

Thanks again.

Don Bedford

Here is a link that might be useful: The ultimate guitar tab website.

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An excellent source of reference on HTML and CSS, along with some useful validation tools can be found at htmlhelp.com.

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