zoewolfApril 7, 2007

Just wondering if anybody here has had Lasik and what were the results?

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I had a LASIK surgery 4.5 years ago. Before the surgery I had myopia and astigmatism on both eyes for more than 10 years. I was wearing glasses but my eyesight was deteriorating gradually. So I decided to undergo a LASIK surgery.

A year after the surgery my ophthalmologist checked my eyes and said that there were almost no signs of surgery left. But she had concerns about long term effects of LASIK, she said there were not enough studies at that time.

Currently, my vision is 20/20 and I don't feel anything bad about my eyes.

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I had PRK Lasik surgery last year. This kind of surgery takes several months for the surgery results to show up, but a little more painful then the flap surgery where you see right away. I decided to do the PRK as I heard that there could be more problems with the flap. Unfortunately, I had to have both eyes redone as they overcorrected my vision during the first surgery. I decided to use the new wavefront machine, and the doc said that in people over 50 it was overcorrrecting their vision. So, I went from being nearsighted to farsighted. It was crazy using several reading prescriptions until I could go back . But I now see 20/15 in both eyes following my last corrective surgery. 3 months following each 2nd surgery I had noticed floaters in each eye. I have never had them before, but I am almost 55. It made me suspicious, but then again could happen due to my age anyway. I see great now except for the floaters which I am adjusting to. I am hoping they will both fade into the background soon. I still need to use reading glasses which is a bummer, but overall I am very pleased with the results. I just wish they could have found the right prescription the first time!

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I had heard that having this surgery increases the risk of floaters. Having already developed one large floater, I've decided not to take the chance....

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How do you go about finding the right one when people you've asked won't give you information or everyone has a different response?

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I looked into it a few years ago and was going to get it done. I've been wearing glasses since age 8 (I'm now 49) and have to wear them every waking hour. I decided against it because I was told I would always need reading glasses even with the Lasik. With that, I figured, why bother if that's the case. I'd have to buy at least a dozen pairs of reading glasses to keep everywhere, that's how dependant on glasses I am. Though reading glasses are alot cheaper than progressives, I still can't see spending $6K+ for the lasik if it doesn't correct my vision 100%.

I'm one that looks good in glasses (thank goodness), so I just bought a new, bold, funky pair. I also have a conservative pair. I look at glasses as jewlrey for the face. Luckily, I have a pretty decent eyecare insurance plan.

I can't wear contacts much anymore, but keep them handy for special occasions.

If you do decide to get Lasik, PLEASE do your research. I've heard alot of horror stories, but alot more positive ones too. Also, who knows what the long-term effects might bring.

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I had lasik 6 years ago and have mixed feelings about it.
If I could do it again, I would have gone to a different doctor.
I have severe floaters after the surgery and my right out goes in and out of focus.

With the right doctor and circumstances, it can work well.

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With glasses I was seeing 20/15; after lasik I have never had that kind of clarity. I have come to think of lasik as a brain operation, not just an eye operation. After spending that $$ to see worse (let's say about 20/30 IN GOOD LIGHT), I don't wear glasses any more. LOL

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I went to Canada to have it done before it was ever approved in the USA. This was probably 12 years ago. My vision is 20/20 perfect.

The only complication I had was a lot of glare in my night vision. It either went away or I got used to it.

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I had lasik 3 1/2 years ago at the age of 57. I love it and my vision is 20/15 in one eye and 20/40 in the other. Oh,btw,I got monovision so I will not need reading glasses. It was so easy to get use to one eye being for distance and one for closeup. Not everyone can handle it(my sister who was 52 when she got it had to go back and get both for distance. Now she is wearing glasses most of the day due to her job. I had no problems with lasik(no pain or problems). I would do it over in a heartbeat.

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Even though this is an old thread I thought I would comment.
I had Lasik in September of 2005. I had instane correction- BUT my eyes were so dry that the next day when I went back for post op check I coul barely get there! My eyes were so dry the doc said the cornea looked like 'scabs'. I had to stay another day before he would let me drive home- and I had to use drops every 10 minutes.
I have had to have them looked at a few times because I will not be able to see, and there is horrible pain in the eyes. The eye doc says it is 'dry eye'. Now that the complication of dry eye is known, I am not certain I would have the surgery or not....
When I go south, where the climate is more humid I don't have such a problem, but here in northern Wyoming it is dry. Yesterday and today I can't read a book, cook a recipe because I can't read. I tried to use the phone book and can't. If there are errors in my tyoing I cannot see them. When my eyes are not dry, I like the results- I guess now I realize that I couldn't stand the contacts because my eyes were so dry. Mixed feelings...
If you are thinking about LASIK, be CERTAIN you question your doc about the status of your eyes- if they are dry at all.
It has been found that when the cornea is sliced, the 'lubrication/tear' nerves are damaged. They eyes become more dry.

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