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Larry_PullenJanuary 22, 2002

How can I print the whole web page? My page is visible but right side dose not print. Guess I have my head in the sand.



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Could you post a link, and we can look over your code.

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I did not make myself clear and this is probably not the site to post this. When you view my site and I want to print it - the hole screen does not print. Nothing to do with code.

Thanks LAR

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It does has a lot to do with the code.
When you make your screen widther or smaller sometimes a bar appears on the bottom. Then you have reached the absolute minimum width.
I think it is about 800 pixels the printer can manage, but if your page is still widther at that settings...
So ...


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You could try the following:
Add the following META tag to the HEAD section of you WebPage:
<LINK REL=alternate MEDIA=print HREF="printversion.doc">

Now design your WebPage for normal viewing, and forget how it will look when it's printed! Instead create a file "printversion.doc" in Word, and upload it to your server along with the WebPage.

Now when a viewer clicks the "Print" button on their browser when viewing you page, "printversion.doc" will be sent to their printer, instaed of the WebPage itself!!!

Hope this helps!

Mark Harrington,
Creator, The WebWizard - A FREE HTML Editor for your WebBrowser!
Check us out at:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Great tip! I didnt know that, but it is very handy!

Thanks again!


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Ok = I'll show my stupidity - ! Instead create a file "printversion.doc" in Word. What do I create. I can add the META tag - and where do I put the printversion.doc - in the index file. Guess this is over my head. As you can see I'm very green.

Thanks anyway


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Print it landscape, providing the page is not too wide. If it is, my advice is useless.

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Print it landscape is the only except for a screen capture that I can print. Still trying to figure out "printversion.doc".


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I work in a hospital as the Website Coordinator and since 90% of our user's has a resolution of 800x600 or greater, we ran into a printing problem. (i.e. the right side of page getting cut off)

I believe a printer will only print 640 across. It might even be a little less, but I know 800 pixels will get cut off.

Our solution? Have a "printer friendly version" button that removes the template and just diplays the text.

Click here to see Newsletter

Try "File/Print Preview" to see how it gets cut off.

Now press the "Print Friendly button" and do a preview again. The text will automatically justify to the printers margins. (landscape or portrait)

I'd forget about the printversion.doc idea. Since Word docs can have macros embedded with viruses and crap... a lot of people will not open them. You have 2 easy options though.

1. Get Adobe Acrobat. (you'll need more then the free version if you want to create PDF's)

2. Create another HTML document with just the page content and not the template.

Whatever you choose above... link to it like this:

<A HREF="filename.pdf">Click here for printer friendly version</A>

<A HREF="filename.html">Click here for printer friendly version</A>

Good luck! Hope it works for you. ------)>

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