tinnitis & loss of smell?

vieja_gwApril 14, 2006

I always have had a very acute sense of smell but now after a fall in which I hit the back of my head I have lost all of the sense of smell .. how I miss the aroma of fresh coffee, perfume, flowers, ...!! MRI didn't pinpoint a problem. I have been taking zinc tabs., Vit. B6 tabs and Vit. B12 injections to see if they would help. Occasionaly, I will get just a 'whiff' of something for an instant but nothing like normal. I also now have a non-diabetic foot neuropathy (redness, swelling, burning' sensation)after the fall.

Prior to the fall I have experienced tinnitis in both ears and 10% hearing loss in one ear that has gotten worse ... can damage to the auditory nerve cause this?

It is so frustrating when the Dr. has no answers to my questions re- these problems!

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There have been recent reports citing Zinc as a contributing factor in instances of loss of sense of smell. Interesting that you mention you've been taking Zinc tabs. Were you taking them before your fall?

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No, I hadn't read the reports about zinc ... the neurologist suggested taking the zinc and the vitamin B6 and B12. I had no problems with the loss
before the fall. I remember years ago i lost the sense of smell for a short period after a bout with the flu and taking zinc seemed to help bring back the sense of smell completely that time.

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Although it's not the indicated use, alprozalam (Xanax) has been shown to reduce tinnitus in many people who take it (about .5mg 2x/day). I've been using it for that purpose and it seemed to help some, although its efficacy wears off with repeated use after 1/2 year or so.

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lee676: Do you also have a loss of hearing with the tinnitis? I can't really say if the two came on at the same time in me but both happened before the fall, the loss of smell afterwards. Funny, Drs. just say "get a hearing aid" without determining the cause! They ask if the tinnitis is in both ears? .... gosh, can you tell? I THINK it is in both ears as I hear it when ever I close either ear.

Thanks for the info. re- Xanax ... worth a try!

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Left ear has tinnitus (from loud nearby noises), right ear much less noticable. Marked dropoff of high level freuqencies in the left ear. I've never tried hearing aids or T maskers.

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