well i did it i signed up for a site

justluvtocraftJanuary 3, 2004

i got a domain name, and have set up a site. but when i do a search it takes me to my msn group and neglects to bring up my real website. am i missing a step somewhere? i also put something in the site about the town i work in and when i type in that town that doesn't come up in a search. how do i get them to show up when people put keywords in.

i used the trellix program to design it and tripod to host it. www.scrapannescraftconnection.com

how do i design keywords for the search

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I believe you put the below line under your META DESCRIPTION tag
and of course you'd have keywords of your choice, I just put three in there for example. And then you'd start submitting to search engines. There are some sites that submit to many search engines for free like submitexpress.com
I wouldn't be planning on any top listings in search engines unless people type scrapannes or something personal to your site. I never have been too good at getting sites to rank high enuff to appear in the top few pages of results using common keywords. I think those pay submission sites can get sites to rank pretty high.

Just take the space out that is after the first angle bracket and before the last angle bracket, I only put them in there so the code would appear in this post.

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I got the domain thing and the whole works let it sit and then finally put my site up this week. The pics are horrible compared to what it looked like when I was working on them I used the Yahoo sitebuilder which was really easy I guess. I do not do and do not know html. So this was great. Hoewever when I signed up with them before xmas I was searching around about how to list with search engines and there was a site that would put it on several of them for free. I went to search yesterday and it is $299.00 for one year. I cannot fathom why. I guess I will never get it out there because the reason I wanted the site was to sell my products to make more money or should we say with todays economy just a living to what I used to make before 911. Anyone know of anything else to try please let us know.

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Connie, you can submit your website to the search engines yourself at no charge! Don't pay anyone!

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So how do I go about doing that and when I do what will happen on the list of things like mine? I was reading on the Truley Texan site, they are a web designer? hoster I guess and they had tips and it sounded like it can be weeks to get submitted and also somewhere decent on the list. How does that all work?? Thanks for your help if you can


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