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perk2April 15, 2004

Does anyone know where I could go on the web to find what vitamin or medicine is good for. An example of what I mean is like the previous thread on joint supplement. Glucosamine is good for joint pain. I would like to find something for lowering cholestrerol and blood pressure. Thanks for any advice.

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Consumer lab is great. You have to pay a small annual fee (because they don't take advertising I guess) but it's pretty interesting! Suprising what highly advertsied expensive brands are not all they are claimed to be, what store brands are fine, and what store brands are actually the expensive brands repackaged.

I was a subscriber, but it's been a while. Without paying you can get quite a bit of information though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Consumerlab

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You can do a search, typing in something like lowering high blood pressure naturally, and come up with lots of information. You would have to decide which tip might make sense for you though....

And, it's important that you take your prescribed medication and stay under your doctors care while trying to lower your pressure to a safe level. I've missed the family predisposition for high blood pressure, my sister has just recently begun to deal with it. My younger brother was able to stop his med, with his doctor's approval, by losing weight and beginning a strict excercise routine....in fact, he hired a trainer. He still stays in close touch with his doctor, and found when his life became even busier than usual and he had less time to go to the gym, it went up again. He's now taking the meds and working towards being able to stop again soon....

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