grieving for my dad

crissywAugust 21, 2004

thanks for the kind words. My dad passed away may 3 this year...even though he had congestive heart failure, it was still unexpected. He was 62, and no grey hair. He was a super dad, though he struggled with alcoholism, which is why he developed chf. I got a call on a friday night from my brother-in-law that my sister took him to the hospital, and that it didn't look good. I live at the other end of my province, so the next morning, my husband, 2 kids and I hopped into the car. We saw him the next morning, on the sunday, and what a shock. He was sitting up but had oxygen on, and looked even smaller than usual. (He was only 5' tall). That day, he said goodbye to my 10 year old daughter and 8 year old son. I can't tell you the heartbreak. He just looked at them for as long as they were in the room with him. Anyway, he passed away the following night at 11:30, with his wife, 3 kids, my husband, my sister's husband, my mom's brother and sister, a niece and Pastor all around him. The tears flow writing about it. He was gone long before his body died, though, because the brain went a while without oxygen, so at least he was released before he actually died, if that makes any sense. It will get harder before it gets any easier, I'm sure.thanks for listening

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Thanks for sharing your story, Crissy. I know it is so hard watching people we love leave us. Yes, it will probably get harder before it gets easier. I find that the longer the time goes by, the more I miss my mom and Chris.
It's just natural. Remembering where they are now, makes it better, though. Life is good, but as we all know, there are many bumps in the road of life. If we live a good life, then we go to a much better place forever.
As much as I miss my mom and Chris, if God would tell me that I could have them back for another 20 years, I would tell Him to keep them and I will see them later. I love them that much. I want them in a better place even though it would certainly be nice for me to have them back here.
Try to live with the good memories and know that you will someday be with your dad again. Live on for him and make him proud. That is what he would want for you.

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Crissy, I watched my Dad, also in his 60's, shrink, bend over, look 25 years older before he died. My heart goes out to you. It is so hard.


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My dad died three years ago of a sudden heart attack. He was 77 and had just gotten a clean bill of health the previous fall. :( Sept 11 of this year would've been my parent's 50th anniversary. Regardless of when someone dies--be it after an illness or suddenly--it leaves you numb. I remember waking the next day after very little sleep and hoping that the day before had been a bad dream. I know that my dad is in a much better place, but man, I still miss talking to him about current events and such!

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crissy, i am so sorry about your dad. i am glad he was able to see the children and hold this close to him before he left. its so tough losing a parent-we miss them so much. they are such a huge part of our lives.

you have my sympathies....


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