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chereJanuary 25, 2002

I had to do this personal home page for a web development class I am taking on the net. I just need your opinion on it and the other personal pages it links to. I'm not worried about the resume pages because those were lesson from the book I had to do. Does it look alright? What grade would you give it? I haven't finish with the family page or the page about me. Please be kind but honest. Here is the link Chere's Home Page

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Ok, when using a right hand side border, use tables with a percentage width (instead of pixels) so the text doesn't run over the edge of the border. My resolution is 1280 x 1024 and the right border is about an inch away from the edge of my screen, and on a few pages the text runs into the border, making it hard to read. Other than that, it looks good, on one of the pages
( http://www.geocities.com/cherescott2/me/me.htm ) the pictures aren't coming through.

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Nice colors. Lay-out is ok. Only the menu appears to be a liitle empty,.. that makes it look a little sad and unfinished :-)
I always like at least something moving on the screen. That can be just a simple animated gif moving just a little to make the screen look alive. Although the text and information on it may be just the same on a document like yours, it feels a little different.

That is all i have to say..

Keep up the good work, and after you finished the HTML thingy, try to add a little interactivity in your webpage! :-)

Good luck


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I Would try and get the buttons a little crisper looking, the edge's are a little rough.
[Please be kind but honest] I'll try :)
If they are grading you on not only the look, you have quite a few coding error's one example would be line 57 (/font)
()= cant post there is no opening (font)I would recommend running you script though and HTML validator are correct all the coding errors. Good luck with your Class and webpage.

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Thanks a lot for your input. I changed to percentage width on my tables. I'll try to remember this in the future. The pictures aren't coming in on that one page is because it isn't ready yet. The menu you see is for the teacher. I also added animation to the menu. I added another menu at the bottom. I'm not sure about how she is grading. But I did go thru and check for opening and closing tag just because I hate to be sloppy (At lease in this just don't look at my house keeping skills). I'm not really in it for a grade but would like to do good in it. I just taking it for my own self growth.

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The text looks great now on my monitor Chere! Right hand borders are tricky since so many people use higher resolutions these days.

The only other advice I would give you to improve your grade is go through and proofread again for typos. I caught 2 - the name of your dog - Snuggles - should be capitalized, and on one page you forgot the 'd' in 'stand'. I am the typo queen myself, so I know how hard it is to catch your own mistakes.

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Thank you Boscribe.
I went thru it and found some more mistakes. I read them over four or five times and still missed them. I hope I got them this time. I just hate it when I do things like that. I need a grammar check too. I used the wrong form of wear instead I used ware. I have worked so hard on it I think I am punchy. It is due tonight at 12 midnight. I think I am finished with it. I really have enjoyed learning the code. This class is forcing me to do that. This class is offered thru a local college here in California. It only cost 20 dollars but the book cost 50 so it still wasn't cheep. It is a six weeks course. Another one is offered and I am already enrolled in it.

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Thier are still quite a few script errors,
The very top line of your script should point the the current version of HTML...all in CAPS.

(!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN")
Again )( = 's

Line 63, character 61:
... "0" width="219" height="286" 286")(/font)(/a)(/td)

Error: 286 is not a member of a group specified for any attribute

Also another /font in that same line, with no opening font,

You should copy and paste you script into a validator it will point out all the errors...sorry to report their are still quite a few. Good Luck

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