A university is grieving

socksAugust 29, 2004

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ is devastated over its loss yesterday of two top faculty members in an airplane crash. The men were practicing aeorbatic maneuvers in separate planes and must have collided somehow. They were top pilots with decades of experience. It's a crushing loss to the school, which starts classes tomorrow (Mon.) They both also leave families and children. It's heartbreaking.

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I'm so sorry to hear this. When I first read your heading, I thought you were going to write about the Ole Miss fire deaths. I hadn't heard about this one yet. What a tradgedy.

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It will be sad for all the families and friends with two such losses at the beginning of the school year.

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Oh my... oh my ::

That's the exact school Dan had just been accepted to... the letter is still in his room. He was going to Embery Riddle to become a pilot, which was his life's greatest dream. He chose that school instead of the airforce out of compassion for my mother, who lost her first son to cancer. In a way, he fell from the sky, like those two pilots who crashed down. Those pilots are adventure seekers... the ones who love to fly assume the risk. We are left with the tragic outcome. It's sad that those men are gone, however I didn't know them so I don't feel like breaking down and bawling, begging like a little baby... which I did yesterday. I was reading this forum and I'm spending the weekend alone... being completely alone I cried like I never expected to again, I thought the wailing begging grief was over.

Anyway this post also makes me think very much of Dan. Maybe he's met those pilots in Heaven.

"Whoah... Professor So-and-so, what a pleasure, man, you're not going to believe it up here. I would have enjoyed learning from you in life but the earth's atmosphere is positivly *limiting* compared to the space in this joint. Now that we're all on the same level, maybe I can teach you something! Come on, let me show you around. All you have to do is ask, and you can fly. And I'll take you to a special place in the sky, where you can look down on earth and zoom in to your families... and even other people's lives, haha".


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oh, how tragic. What a sad day. I guess I have not paid much attent to the news.. actually hardly at all lately.

I do know that there have been so many mid air crashes in recent years that I don't even want to go to the air show ever again. It's so scary for me.

May they rest in peace....


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Forgive me if this is prying, but would you like to share what happened to Dan, how old he was? Ignore this question if it is inappropriate.

If Dan had gone to ERAU, maybe he and my son would have known each other!

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