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sunshine_January 2, 2003

Okay, I am trying to learn html. I've done so much as to making a couple pages so far. My site is going to be pictures of plants and what I want to do is make thumbnail photos(which I have done) and link them to the original sized ones on a different page. Now everything right now is still on my hard drive so I was wondering when I put in the code to link them together should it go to the other page or will I have to wait and see if it works when I put it up online? I'm also wondering this with links to other sites? I think I have the codes correct but it's not going to the site when I preview them and click on them? I would love any input on this.

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Sorry, I guess I got tired last night. I was writting herf instead of href.

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Yes, I did just that on my site, you can click the link below and on your browser, go to view source and see my html code.

Here is a link that might be useful: misc garden photos

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Thank you Prettyphysiclady!!

I enjoyed looking at all your pictures!! Gorgeous!!

I figured out how to make the thumbnails but am still playing with different ways of grouping them together. What I'm trying to do is have pictures of my hoyas with like four thumbnails in one cell(not sure if that's the word for it)with it going something like this..leaf, back of leaf, whole plant and flower. I've got it looking "something" like I want it to but am still reading my books and learning. What I was wondering though is...How can my thumbnail pictures look normal like yours? Mine seem to looked kind of stretched?

Thanks again for your help!!


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You can group them using tables. Whatever html book you are using to learn from will have information on that.

I used Image Magic, it is free and will process batches so you don't have to hand do each picture.

(thank you for the compliments!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Image Magic

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