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mac72January 8, 2002

Hello! I have a question regarding designing backgrounds for your webpages. I use Paint Shop Pro and quite honestly I don't know much about it. All I really know is how to bring up a picture, crop the area I want and then "convert it to a seamless pattern". This is what I am trying to figure out:
I have a pattern that I made that I want to use as a background on my site. I don't want the background "tiled" (where the pattern repeats itself) I want the whole pattern to cover the whole page.

Have I made any sense? LOL!

The link to the pattern I made is listed below. As you can see by looking at it, the pattern repeats itself. I don't want that "second column" to appear, I want it to be a full page of:


How can I fix that?



Here is a link that might be useful: My pattern

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I just copied it and opened it up, select Resize - ex. 800x600 and re-save it.

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Dale, ONCE AGAIN you've came to my rescue! I really appreciate it!!


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Your Welcome and no problem.

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From the looks of the picture i saw, why dont you want it to tile? you can make a much smaller file size by making the image 800 pixels wide and 25 pixels high. It will load a lot faster than an 800 x 600. Since it is only colors and not images you will not be able to tell the difference. Also making the image with a higher pixel count(say 150 to 300) and a jpg would give you a much better blend of the colors.


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