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RichJanuary 29, 2002

Is there a way I can disable the user changing the browser text size (eg: from the 'View', 'Text Size' option on IE). I've noticed on some sites (Eg: www.msn.com) the text size does not change when the user changes the browser settings.

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Yup, instead of changing the text size as follows (relative):

(font size=+1)

You should use a direct method, like:

(font size="12px")

...replace the () with ...

Hope this helps.


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I used this script. it works in IE but not in netscape.

This goes in the head.

<style type="text/css"\>
.text " font-family: "tahoma";
font-size: 15pt; font-weight: bold;>

.text1 " font-family: "tahoma";
font-size: 13pt; font-weight: bold;>



Then in the body <p class="text">
before your text.

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There are a few ways to do this, but they are ALWAYS a bad idea on the web. The web is not a printed publishing medium where you control the final output. There are a million variables including browser, user's eyesight, computer, operating system, location, etc... If you fix the size of the font, then a user with a high resolution display can't easily make it bigger, and will leave. To best get your message out there, it's essential that you don't try to limit your audience; not everyone uses Internet Explorer on Windows.

Think _very_ carefully before ever fixing a type size, or really using any other display tricks that will harm the user experience. If you must choose a size, then specify it using relative units so your reader can easily change the size if it ends up too small for them to read.

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I'm with rob_from_ca. When the presbyopic get up into the fixed income age bracket the best way to handle it is to make text size largest and under tools>internet>access click all three ignor boxes and then take off your bifocals and push back away from the screen.

Some famous sites like NYTimes and Slate support this and they are among those I visit every day. If you somehow block this I will not visit your site a second time nor will I lurk there even briefly the first time.

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Please refer to this forum site

Here is a link that might be useful: Partially sighted topic

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