ever had this happen... sore throat question

vacuumfreakApril 1, 2007

For the past week I have been feeling okay during the day, but while I am sleeping I develop a sore throat. When I wake up my throat is sore. As I continue the day the soreness diminishes and by mid day/afternoon it is gone. I don't have a cold or any other symptoms... anyone ever heard of this or experienced it? Seems deeper than a sore throat though... not really in back of mouth but more behind adams apple. Thanks!

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I have that happen sometimes if I sleep with the window open. The window is near my head.

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It can happen from snoring or mouth-breathing. It can also happen from reflux.

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Sounds like allergies to me...especially if it is happening now.

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I agree with catherinet that you may be snoring or sleeping with your mouth open.
While I dont snore,I have been known to sleep with my mouth open (and even drool a bit on my pillow,eww) and I sometimes have the same problem.

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That happens to me too if I have the window open or a fan on. Usually this time of year allergies are bad, you are probably having a reaction to pollen of some sort.

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ok, let's put all the posts together...since I think we're really all saying the same thing...LOL

You left your window open during the strongest allergy time..thus allowing more pollen and such to enter your room. This will often lead to your nose getting stopped up and you having to substitute mouth breathing during the night, which leads to a sore throat in the morning which will diminsh during the day.

If closing the window itself doesn't help, you may want to talk to your doctor about a seasonal nasal spray unless you just want to tough it out until June.

Coincidentally, I just had my 3 yr old at the Dr.'s for an a.m. sore throat for the last week or two; he looked in his nose said he didn't have a cold that it was allergies, didn't run any more tests just put him on Nasonex. I thought too it could have been reflux since he had a bad bout as an infant but, doctor said with the timing and season he was pretty sure it was allergies. Although if you have a reflux history, may want to consider that too.

Good luck; I don't know where you are from but it seems like almost everyone around here is having problems the past couple weeks. I think it is a really bad allergy/pollen year.

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I get it fall and spring.

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Well, I never open the window and haven't had reflux before. I guess anything is possible... I've never had allergies but I know you can develop almost anything (allergies or reflux) overnight for some strange reason. Thanks for the advice!

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