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DaleJanuary 21, 2002

Im re-doing my site from a Framed version to CSS, not sure if thats like jumping from the fire into the toilet or not :)

What Im trying to do is when moused over the text will turn from Blue to Black when the White box appears over it...what am I missing here...

(link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="default.css")


A:link (color: Black;)

A:visited (color: White;)

A:active (color: Red;)

A:hover (background: White;)

A:hover.green (background: Green;)



var event = 0; //for backwards compatibility.

var id = ""; //for backwards compatibility.

function rollBG(event,name,color) (

if (document. layers) ( //test for communicator 4+

if (color==null)

var color = (event. type == "mouseover") ? "Silver" : "White";

document[name]. bgColor = color; //set the background color




Im back from Disneyland..lol

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HUH!!?? All you need to do is to change the layout when a mouseover occurs? In that case everything can be done with css....
Please help me:

text; some color
link = blue
hoverlinks = black with white background...

Is that correct?


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Actually all the css you need is this;

a:hover(color:#000000; background:#FFFFFF)

If you want the link to always have a white box around it do this:
a:link(color:#0000FF; background:#FFFFFF)
a:visited(color:#000099; background:#FFFFFF)
a:hover(color:#000000; background:#FFFFFF)

Of course this won't work in Netscape versions 4.X and below, but it will work in all IE above 3.0 (and maybe even in 3.0) and Netscape 6.

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I found this that killed 2 birds with one stone...the mouseover's and the Text size...

(STYLE TYPE="text/css")(!--
A:link ( text-decoration: none; color: #0000ff; font-weight:bold; font-face:arial )
A:visited ( text-decoration: none; color: #990000; background-color: #000000; )
A:active ( text-decoration: none; color: #0000FF )
A:hover ( text-decoration: none; color: #FF0000 ;background-color: #acacac; font-family:arial, verdana, tahoma, ms sans serif;font-size:12; border:solid;border-color:White; border-width : 1px;)


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