white ring around mouth

chery2April 26, 2008

I guess it's formed by salty saliva? I don't even notice it unless I happen to glance in a mirror. My mouth is either dry or excessively wet, never normal. I've tried using chapstick in the corners, but it doesn't work; gets removed by wetness. Help?


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Dehydration, methinks.

What is your usual water intake?

I always had white patches where my lips were dry, and even whitish threads I'd pull from the inside of my lips, until I started drinking tons of water. I always make sure i have 2 bottles of water in the car wherever I go. It did help.

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Thanks, acey. You could be right. I drink when I'm thirsty and don't usually exert myself enough to sweat. I DO try not to drink too much, since I have bladder issues.


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