how to fill cracks on old hard wood flooring

becphilJuly 2, 2007

We pulled up an old carpet in what will be the dining room of a home we recently purchased. Of course, as is so often the case, we found the original floor to be hardwood in pretty decent shape. It appears to have a couple of layers of paint on it, but that is nothing a floor sander can't fix. My concern lies in the few areas where the floor has "separated slightly", The seam between the 2 tongue and groove boards is more of a crack. Is there any easy fix to this? I imagine after all of the work to sand, and refinish this floor, these few areas will be excellent places for dirt and dog hair to get trapped.....

We really don't want to go with our original idea of laminate flooring, since this surprise of an original floor has so much potential.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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you really can't fill those cracks in. they are the result of the wood expanding and contracting with temperature and humidity changes and will continue to open and close forever. If you fill the cracks and then more movement happens (and it will) whatever you filled them with will crack also.

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OK, my take on it, is to get the interior up to the highest rH it will see in the humid season(NOW), for a week or longer. Then fill the gaps. This allows the wood to swell to its largest dimensions, and won't squeeze the filler out, as it will, filling during the winter-heating-dryingout, months and come the humid months and the floor swells. During the winter, the floor will shrink, unless you have a humidifier. You will see gaps appear.

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