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MARGARETJanuary 18, 2002

I am new and trying to learn the HTM language. I used Word Pad to experiment. When I returned to the page some months later I discovered that language, far more sophisticated than I know, had been added to the page. How in the world can that happen? Have Win95 and IE 5.5. I tried posting it here and got a message about 'spam'. Also, I am now unable to bring the page up in my browser. Any help will be very much appreciated. Margaret

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It is Note Pad, not Word Pad. Now I am 'suspect', right?

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If you have saved a html page from the internet you must remember that a lot of servers do not use a standard operating system. they use UNIX, Linux, and other systems. These servers must make changes to your webpage coding so that it will look the same as you built it, but be able to run on the system they use. Many also add their own coding for popups, or background coding to tell people who is hosting the webpage.


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Hi JamesS: Thank you so much for replying. I realize I didn't give enough information in my post. I went to Notepad and typed the language in, then without going on the internet I went to Internet Explorer and opened the page. When it said, 'Page cannot be displayed' I typed in the address of my Notepad page and it showed me what I had built. I am a long way from actually getting something worthwhile, but when I saw all that extra stuff I was really alarmed. The only other thing I did do with the page was send it to my daughter by email. I never was connected to the internet at any other time. I'm pretty sure I sent it by copying and pasting. Do you think Internet Explorer added that when I was looking at my page? If you can think of any other comments I would appreciate hearing from you, and thank you again. Margaret

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This is the extra coding that wordpad has added so that the page comes out like you have made it. Is this file saved as a "doc" file? If so then that is the reason for all the extra coding. It is better to learn html coding with notepad since it will not add any coding on its own. If it was notepad that you used in making the webpage perhaps you tried opening the page in wordpad to see it. this lets wordpad add its own coding so that it can read the page. When you saved the file did you save it as a txt file and added the .htm or .html after the file name? you must do this in order for IE to show the file as a html webpage.

I learned html using notepad before there were editors to do html coding. I have tried many editors and i still think Microsoft Front Page is the best for people who just want to have their own webpage. You can find FP on ebay for around $50 for FP2000. I would choose this since it makes it easy to make webpages and you can concentrate on the graphics and content of your pages rather than the html coding. While it is still good to know html coding, it is not necessary to understand it all.


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Good Morning JamesS: I appreciate that information very much, it is helping make things clearer to me. I first got the idea because someone on another forum mentioned Web Themes by vikimouse. I saw that it had humor as well as the simplicity that I needed to start learning this. I followed the directions and was very happy to see I could actually accomplish something. When the first .gif showed up on the page, I actually jumped for joy. I have a hand-me-down computer and I think I have Front Page. I looked at it once and thought it might be beyond me but I am going back and look at it more thoroughly. I can't be that hard, can it? I have so many questions but will try to get answers on my own when I can. You have no idea how much I appreciate your answer and, yes, I do understand what you have said. Thank you again. Margaret

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Frontpage is much like MSWord and MSExcel, all the same in lay-out and the placements of functions etc. So if you are familiar with Word, frontpage can be learned quite quickly to use. The more advanced will automatically become part of your skillness....


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Hello Niels: Thank you for your reply. You and JamesS have given me encouragement to continue trying. I found Front Page so am going there and see what I can do. These forums are my third stop every morning; first, email; second, Recent earthquakes in California; third, here. Well, I'm ready to get my feet wet so please watch for me in the future. There will be things I just can't figure out. Thank you both again, I am very grateful fine people read and answer these posts.

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Try freeware "1st Page 2000". It's very user friendly
and has 3 levels from beginner on up. The area of your code
is highlighted in color depending on the type of tag. It requires 5meg of disk space. You'll have to unzip it using WinZip when it's thru downloading.

Excellent product, and frankly quite surprised. I started with notepad too. Got fed up with changing the file extension all the time. I found Composer fussy and lacking many basic tools for drag and drop, and
didn't like the constant page switch to Netscape for page display.
reminding myself to change the name

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Hi Andy: Thank you for replying. There is something to be said for these posts hanging around awhile to give people a chance to see them. I agree with you, the method I was using is labor intense. Would you please tell me where to get 1st Page 2000. I would like to look at it. If I want to get it, I will have to free up some space. My computer has a tummy full and of course I want everything I see. Kid in a candy store sort of thing. Margaret

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The company is EvrSoft and Version 2.0 is offered free.
Do a Google or Yahoo search on this and if it still can't be
found try a search for "1st Page 2000" I think that's what I searched. For the download choose the version of your operating system Ie: if you are Windows 98, pick that version of 1st page 2000, then it will download for you.

Since I spoke to you last no glitches to report.

I have to use databases in my pages and thinking to moving up to ASP or Coldfusion. I don't know what the best editor for that is, so I may have to leave 1st Page
behind and get something else.
But as editor's go it's pretty sophisticated.

Drop a line if it still doesn't work.

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