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kathaab afandiJanuary 18, 2002


This may be a stupid question, but I'm having a difficulty understanding it. Is it possible to build a web site of so many pages with the page not being full?

The reason I'm asking this because if I would like to move within the site from one page to another, what is the tag that will enable me to do just that? I would appreciate if you could give me some examples. Thank you.

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Every web page can be as long as you want it to be. In webpage design this is not done this way simply because it would take forever for a webpage to load on a dialup connection. So pages are split up into subject areas or different topics. the A HREF html command is used to move to the other webpages. you do not need the complete address in the A HREF command if the webpages are all in the same folder on the server. Just the name of the second page. Take a look at the html goodies website to learn more about webpages.

HTML Goodies


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Thank you JamesS. Suppose I wrote a html document, let's call it kathaab.html, and I put some links on the homepage and I want those links to refer to something that I'm gona write later on another page within the same document. what will be the exact tag that will let me do that? Is it something like this:
[a href="kathaab.html/page2.htm";]page2[/a] replacing of coarse [ and ] with . Sorry JamesS, I couldn't get exactly what I wanted from your link. Thank you.

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the first thing you must know is that the host where you have your webpages will ask you to name your front(first) page index.html or default.html. that is the nature of servers in that they look for index or default pages first. The title of the page can be Kathaab and if it is then that name will show up in the title bar( the very top bar of the browser) of the browser exactly as you have typed it. If all your other pages are in the same folder om the host server then you can use this code for linking to those pages.

[a href="page2.html"]Kathaab 2[/a]

Again the page name is "page2" while the title is "Kathaab 2". Once your index page has loaded you can name all your other pages what you want. the 2nd page can also be this.

[a href="Kathaab2.html"]Kathaab 2[/a]

other examples are

[a href="pictures.html"]My Pictures[/a]

[a href="family.html"]My Family Page[/a]

On the Kathaab2 page, the page name and the title name is the same except for one difference. titles can have a space between words and numbers. It is not advisable to have spaces in the file(page)name. Most servers will insert a underline there so on the server the page name looks like Kathaab_2. then you must have the word spelled exactly like that for the link to work on the server.

You can email me for any more info you would like, or use this forum. if you do use email be aware that it usually takes a while for me to answer them as i have sometimes 200 emails a day to deal with. Many i have to skip over to answer ones for help on a business website that i maintain.


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Are you writing your tags by hand, or do you have a program such as FrontPage assisting you?

FrontPage calls what you are looking for *bookmarks* which is found on the *insert* menu.

Internal links use the (a href=) (/a) tags. Substitute for the ( )

Do you need more help? If so, let us know


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Thank you Doublem. Yes, I write html tags by hand because I think I learn better html this way.
One question: If I want to have my site in so many pages, say page 1,2,3 and I use notepad to write html codes. Do I keep on writing on the same page or what?
I have a document titled kathaab.html and it has some links, internal links I should say that I want them to refer to some info somewhere else on the site, say page2.
Should I open notepad again and write a new document and give it another name? let's say page2.html and so on. Currently I have this on my C drive:
c://my documents/kathaab.html
OK to have this:
c://my documents/kathaab.html/page2.html ... and page3 and page4 and ...

Thank you for any help..keep it simple.

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Kathaab, each link you make on your kathaab.html page should be another new page you have made. you will have to make completely new webpages for page2,page3,and so on. You do not have to link to the kathaab.html page in the links, just the page2, etc. Make sure each page is in the same folder as the kathaab.html page. Then you will have this.

C://my documents/kathaab.html

C://my documents/page2.html

C://my documents/page3.html

and so on.


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Thank you James.

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